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Here’s one of the ugliest carjackings we’ve heard of. An unruly gang of rodents are strutting around the Upper East Side like they own it and the vile vermin took over a Toyota. Pop the top.

An army of rats is scurrying into apartments, stores and even car engines on a stretch of the Upper East Side—and locals blame blasting for the Second Avenue subway project.

Says Rich Miller, owner of Broadway Exterminating Co. Inc. on the Upper West Side, “Lots of them will be killed during the construction. But lots will get away, and they’re going to be looking for new and better places to go.”

One place is under the hood of LeRoy Washington’s brown Toyota Avalon. When alternate-side parking rules were suspended around Easter and Passover, Mr. Washington left his car in front of 318 E. 93rd St. for almost a week, he says.

One morning around 9 a.m., Mr. Washington says, he had to take his wife to the dentist. But when he turned the key, the car started to shake and people on the street shrieked, he says. Seven rats ran out from under the front of the car.

When Mr. Washington shifted into reverse, two more ran out. Mr. Washington says he was able to drive his wife 14 blocks south to the dentist and back, but the car was shaking so much he decided to have it towed to a dealership in New Rochelle.

“My dashboard was lit up like a Christmas tree,” he says. “‘Check engine, check oil, check everything.'”

The rats had chewed wires under the Toyota’s hood, and started to build a nest from paper, he says. The smell of urine was strong.

Ew, you dirty rats!



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