Nene’s NFL Baller-Boo Indicted For Involuntary Manslaughter, She And “Granddaddy Greggy” Are Over

- By Bossip Staff

BOSSIP reported back in August that Nene Leakes from Real Housewives of Atlanta was having a romance with NFL player Charles Grant. Well now it turns out that Charles is going to be indicted for involuntary manslaughter (killing a pregnant woman and her unborn child), AND Nene and Granddaddy Greggy are a wrap for good.

Details on the flip

According to Radaronline:

Real Housewives Of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes has fallen for ‘bad-boy’ NFL star Charles Grant as her marriage to husband Greg Leakes crumbles. The hulking 6-foot-3, 290lb former New Orleans Saints defense linesman was indicted on a charge of involuntary manslaughter in Feb 2008, after pregnant Korynda Reed, 23, was shot to death outside a Blakely, Georgia, nightclub. Grant has always claimed that he was innocent in the horrific crime. His trial is set to begin May 3.

“Greg and NeNe split up a few months ago and she is still living in the family home while her husband comes and goes. He knows about Charles Grant but NeNe says that she is s free woman now and can do what she wants. Greg really loves NeNe and he wants to save the marriage but they have a lot of problems right now.”

The feisty reality star has fallen hard for 31-year-old Grant who has told her he is innocent of the shooting of Reed and her unborn child, the source says. Grant – who lives in Louisiana – is trying to get a new contract with the Atlanta Falcons so that he can be closer to NeNe, a former stripper who has found fame on the Bravo reality series.

The NFL star also has relatives in Atlanta and sees Leakes every time he visits the area while she has jetted-out to various locations to see him too. The source adds: “NeNe believes that somebody is innocent until proven guilty and she is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

“In addition Greg and NeNe’s marriage has been under pressure since the arrest of his stepson Bryson.

“NeNe is now the main bread winner and she wants a more lavish lifestyle which is something that Grant could give her if he lands a multi-million dollar new contract.

“It’s unlikely she will file for a quick divorce while she is still on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta but she has told friends that she has developed strong feelings for Grant and that does not bode well for her marriage.”

Leakes, 42, who is originally from Queens, New York, met her current husband while she was working as an exotic dancer called Silk at an Atlanta club.


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  • lilbabiphat2004


  • lilbabiphat2004

    im so damn tired of those dating websites stop posting that crap!!

  • neen-o

    this is what happens when you don’t abide by the 80-20 rule… sheesh!! lol

  • HD

    What a fool! Nene got on my nerves last season anyway. You give her a LITTLE bit of money and she done lost her damn mind! Greg seemed like a good man!

  • Unbought_and_Unafraid

    Damn too bad the baller’s headed for the clinker.

    Their’s would have been the first openly gay NFL relationship —- betweeen a tackle and a linebacker with a penchant for cross-dressing.

  • Gimmeabreak78

    Wow–a former stripper dating a wayward football player? Who’da thunk it? Sounds like people this trifling need to be together and leave the rest of us civilians alone.

  • Its Bambi *itch!

    She did Greg a favor..He’s too old to be caught up in her foolery..She’s a messy Moose!

  • why

    It a shame when people let TV and fame ruin their lives! A pity

  • memchee

    Like Wendy said, this guy just wants some shine since the general pop doesn’t know him!!!

    And nene said something in the 1st season that kinda stated that gregg was nothing more than a security blanket!

  • NIA

    OMG! Ne ne was a stripper?! I had no damn clue!

  • Unbought_and_Unafraid

    4/26/10, 17:59:pm

    OMG! Ne ne was a stripper?! I had no damn clue!
    YEAH — she had a unique clientele.

    Which goes to show (I must admit) that women do generally have better taste than women.

    Becuase a DUDE who is to masculinity, what
    she is to femininity, would STARVE

  • Unbought_and_Unafraid

    better taste than MEN (ugh, typo)

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    D@MN at this foolishness!!!

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    and, Kim had put NeNe on blast MONTHS ago but everybody thought Kim was tyhrowing shade. Looks like Kim knew what she was talking bout.

    Gregg, somebody shoulda told u “U cant turn a ho3 into a housewife.”

  • omg

    Ok well if you are not happy in a relationship, move on. I am tired of those damn dating websites too! And to the ugly black woman with the pretty mixed child, seek happiness. And its a damn shame if ur ugly on the outside and inside!

  • Hazelnut

    Greg was married when he met Nene and divorced his wife to marry her. This is just karma – Greg and Nene are a mess. Now, the former “Mrs. Leakes” is having the last laugh…


    Ne-Ne is living her life like she wants to and that is her biz, if u read her book u will see that Greg was a single father with 3 or 4 kids when she met him, and she accepted him, so that does not make her a bad person because she was a stripper (she had one child of her own). Greg is too meek for Ne-Ne and with the strong personality that she has their marriage/relationship has probably run it’s course. She has to do what she wants to do to be happy and if she makes a mistake like we all do being human then it is her business.

  • Unbought_and_Unafraid

    How come no one is impressed with my comments yet? They are so clever, and I’ve been sitting here waiting for some type of applause and/or recognition.

    Still waiting…. read them carefully. I know the general IQ level in here makes chimps look like geniuses.


  • Don't Hate

    Nene is a damn fool if she messes up her marriage with Greg, he is a good man and the father of her youngest son.

  • Unbought_and_Unafraid

    4/26/10, 19:02:pm

    How come no one is impressed with my comments yet? They are so clever, and I’ve been sitting here waiting for some type of applause and/or recognition.

    Still waiting…. read them carefully. I know the general IQ level in here makes chimps look like geniuses.

    If you were nearly as good a mimic as you are an a$$hole, I’d be (slightly) offended — but since the genneral level of intellect is right about YOURS — why would ANYBODY care for comment???

  • Honeychild

    NeNe is a HO, once a ho, always a HO.
    Greg should be happy. She gave Dwight more time than Greg. Kim said Greg was going broke, so this explains her looking for a new wealthy man.

  • Sha

    Hey Nene, say goodbye to skillet and hello to fire.

  • lferrell
  • currvalicious

    That football player is not a good look for her. Besides, football players’ contract aren’t guaranteed; so he can have money today & be cut & broke tomorrow.

    I’m sad to her about her & Greg, but she didn’t seem to attracted to him last season, but he was a steady presence for her, i guess we have to wait & see what happens.

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