BeyBey Leaves Gladiator High And Dry

- By Bossip Staff

It looks like Beyonce won’t be getting her swirl on with Russell Crowe in a remake of the classic film A Star Is Born, which would have seen her taking on the role played by the likes of Judy Garland and Barbara Streisand. Pop the hood.

Beyonce previously expressed interest in starring in the romance about an aging, alcoholic male musician who falls in love with a younger singer whose career is on the rise .Russell Crowe has confirmed that he’s still in talks to play the lead.

Crowe, who tasted rock star success as the frontman of Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts, admits he’s still interested in making the movie – but doesn’t think Beyonce is.

He tells news show Extra, “I think she’s pulled out of it. I’m still chatting about it. It’s one of those stories that’s been made a lot, but I think it’s still quite a big focus – you can see that in terms of the popularity of things like American Idol.”

Wonder what made Beyonce pull the plug….


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  • The "Original" Brown Hornet

    Uno – BUT SHE CAN”T ACT!

  • lisabeller

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    Thats a big role. Bey is taking a break, remember?


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  • LaDiva

    Even Beyonce knows her what her limited ‘acting’ is like….She aint that stupid.

  • Opal

    I like Bey but I think this is a big role for her to tackle. We’re taking about Judy Garland here. She’s a great entertainer, acting not so much.

  • Groupthink

    Bout time Jay checked that a.s.s cause beybey was getting a little too loose hangin wit ladycaca

  • saucy

    she needs too……….

  • HF

    Good. She’s a terrible actress.

  • Blk Beauty561

    I’m glad she decided not to do it.( I hope this is true) All I need in life is to see Beyonce in another Singing role…Enough already! Move on to other roles that display a diffrent side of your acting skills because I’m still having a hard time reading her on screen as her charecter and not `*Beyonce*~

  • Angel(formerly UrHeiness)

    Probably Jay wasn’t too happy about the idea of her romancing it up with Russel Crowe,who knows?

    Oh well.


    Jay Z put a stop to that.Yep,the husband put his foot down.

  • girl boo

    She was never considered for this role. She only expressed an interest. Besides, she is an awful actress. She only looks good on screen when she is singing

  • rain


  • B3 Fearless


    I think that’s exactly why (if this is true) she pulled out of doing this role.

    We all know how she wants to succeed in everything she does and if she wants to be taken seriously as an actress and get her own Oscar she’s going to have to take on other roles to showcase some real acting chops and step out of her comfort zone.

    Although her acting hasn’t been the best, I think the best acting she did was in Dreamgirls. I’m still iffy about Cadillac Records. It might have been more believable to me if she had lip synced so I could see her as Etta & not Bey.

  • b'more

    are you people really that naive? jay z may know a few music industry heads, but to Hollywood he is just another dumb rapper. he had nothing to do with this, he doesn’t have power like that in Hollywood, so stop it. Hollywood is not stupid like the music industry. BEYONCE CAN’T ACT. PERIOD. and Hollywood knows this. they’re not gonna put some non acting chick in a lead role with an Oscar-winning A-list actor. they’re probably the ones that decided not to use her, but being that she has a good PR team, they’re able to spin it and make it seem as if it was her decision to back out. yeah right.

  • dayg715

    BS. truth is, she wanted the role, and was turned down for it. her daddy and her husband have the power to spin the story in her favor so that her dumb fans will think that she turned down the role. some of us are a little smarter than that.


    its simply, beyonce cannot act,
    and besides i think the whole entire world is getting tired of her.


    yeah she simply cannot act….go away beyonce
    just go away….


    ew, i wouldn’t want to romance Russell Crowe. He’s fugly.

    Put Jennifer Hudson in the role.

  • Gym CamelToe

    That’s a role for J-HUd, an ACTRESS who can SING!

  • cp

    Russ is not the nicest guy to work it ….beyond rude , cocky and arrogant

  • tg

    Good – maybe a REAL Actress can get the role, now. And please not that Zoe – give someone else a shot. She ain’t the only one trying to make ends meet here and she is not the best Actress in the Freaking world – either.

  • real black is chocolate

    she’s not black!!!

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