No Kakes For Kanye: Kim Kardashian Shuts Down Rumors “Yeezy Ain’t Hittin This!!”

- By Bossip Staff

BOSSIP caught up with Kim Kardashian on the red carpet in Las Vegas this weekend at Wet Republic celebrating her sister Kourtney’s birthday. We asked her if there’s any truth to the rumors swirling around that Yeezy was choppin that down while she was with Reggie or the Reggie Bush and Kanye West beef story that recently hit the internet and Kim responds with a laugh:

“I don’t know where they come up with these rumors! Reggie and I were laughing about it. Its sad people have to attach drama to a break up, do you think we’d still be friends if there was all this drama!”

Pics of Kim Kardashian out in Hollyweird last night looking like she got a little ‘bronzer’ happy AND like she was about to flash some folks…SMH:


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  • Naheim

    why do you keep showin pics of this cow???

  • Lila

    Look at the admiring look in his eyes, smh.

    He would never touch a black woman with dark skin. Only those that look very very very light.

  • ldy

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  • Mock Rock Star

    Kanye makes this picture look as if it was taken in 1983

  • DarkStarJa

    I lost all respect 4 weezy way back when he was on da Chappelle show wearnin a Louis Vuitton bookbag…

  • LaDiva

    uggghhh why would u cheat on reggie especially with kanye….this story is bs…

  • DarkStarJa


  • stfu

    Well, she just confirmed that she and reggie are not together.

  • Soul Touch

    lol@Mock Rock Star

  • ****JUDY****

    What did Kayne say when yall asked him?

  • koko clark

    Why is she even relevent?

  • Prime

    Kim would look twice as good with half the make up!!!

  • ReALiSt AKA ReALeSt (Hi Hater))

    Is that a dissertation or what??? Ain’t you got something more important to do with your life than writing a whole essay about other people??? The recession is over – get a job!!

  • Groupthink

    She always lying, ray j said that she was flitrtin with Kanye when they was together

  • It is What it is....

    Let the girl be… She is beautiful period. By the way, I am a female.

  • Jay the Real One


    shutup all that foolishness wasn’t necessary

  • kelz91

    She lyin!

  • Cris

    Where’s Amber?

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  • Stereotypes suck

    @ Black Republican, maybe ghetto black men should adopt an attitude because then they can get their aggression out that way instead of shooting people.

  • I'm Just Me: Keeping It Real Since: 1983...HE'S HOME

    Wait did Kayne put his hair back like this or is this an old pic?

    I highly doubt she is really still friends with Reggie. i think he is going about his business.

    I think that she doesn’t want to look like she’s been played a fool.

  • barb


    black men in the US worship white woman


    War Paint


  • real black is chocolate

    i am so sick of her azz for real and i am black men. she’s not dating nikkaz anymore so pls leave her alone mathaf’cka!

    Kayne pls back to real HIP-HOP!

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