Man Who Murdered Malcolm X Freed From Prison

- By Bossip Staff

After serving 44 years behind prison walls, Thomas Hagan, who admitted to his role in the assassination of Malcolm X, was paroled on Tuesday. Continue…

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    hope he has a good hiding place because i cant see him surviving long now

  • Leah

    wow im first

  • lilypie

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  • Nuthin But Boobs

    Yeah he won’t live I’m sure! only sure cause I’m guessing, not because of any other reason.

  • We "Blacks" Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites

    Get your hand outta my pocket!!

  • Damn Shame

    *yawn* another illuminati puppet freed from jail

  • Get Real

    What people fail to realize is this killer has been on work realize since 1992 only reporting to prison 2 days out the week. If he had killed a white iconic figure, he would be in his cell 23hrs a day for life.

  • HF

    @ Get real

    I agree. Meanwhile, John Lennon’s killer is probably gonna b BURIED in prison.


  • Soul Man



    @LEAH sorry u were 2nd lol

  • !!!!!


  • Gimmeabreak78

    The other two men who were convicted of killing Malcolm X were paroled more than 20 years ago. A sad truth is that although no killer should ever be paroled, many often do, due to prison overcrowding, aging, politics, etc. has a fascinating article on Hagan’s parole if anyone gets a chance to read it.

    I’ve always wanted to know when Louis Farrakhan was going to held accountable for his hand in Malcolm X’s as.sasination.

  • Mock Rock Star

    The system doesn’t care about our black leaders. This man has been free for damn year 20 years and even has some kids since he killed one of “America’s Greatest Leaders”…oh well. For some reason I wonder how Realest AKA Realist feel about the injustice that has happen to his hero

  • donna

    He may have gotten away with his crime on earth but he will have 2 answer 2 God one day.

  • Mrs. Rance

    I gotta agree with everyone else. I was outraged when I read on CNN that he was getting released, but speechless when I learned he’s been a free man for the most part for darn near 20 years. He’s worked the same job for the past 7 years. He is living the normal life. Clearly someone didn’t give two sh*ts about Brotha Malcolm for this to have happened.

  • Huey's Neice

    He didn’t rot in jail because it was a plot by the guvment……who goes to jail on the weekends for murder?

  • bay areas finest

    That man should have stayed in jail point blank. He killed a leader, he left Betty Shabazz widowed with six children to raise alone and we all know how much damage came from that. A lot of the people who may have a problem with that man are either very old or dead so he might be able to walk the streets safely. Oh yeah Malcolm X’s grandson is around!

  • real black is chocolate

    white men kill him!

  • Husseinlied

    @real black is burnt toast – cuz black cowards killed X cause he exposed the NOI & 5percenters as HERETICAL BULLPUCKY. the NOI was created to control blk ppl sure enuf some of you weak-minded ‘kings’ & ‘queens’ fell for it. Real
    black i bet your not 100% blk either I’ll send you a dna test.

  • Andrea

    He is actually been free since 1992. I wouldn’t actually call serving weekends being in Prison….This is just a formality. Lucky him if he had killed Bush or Kennedy he would still be locked up. Thank God for him Malcolm was a BLACK MAN.

  • NubianKing

    I disagree with all of you;

    This man has to live with himself as a know hater an loser……

    Malcolm X’s legacy lives in all those that believed in what he did and said.


  • african

    wtf? this is not alright..kill him please to balance the equation

  • uptowngirl

    I’ve always wanted to know when Louis Farrakhan was going to held accountable for his hand in Malcolm X’s as.sasination.

    me too.

  • Jay the Real One

    All the prisoners who get shanked and he makes it out alive???

  • X Jr

    That man is dead!

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