Rumor Control: RHOA’s Nene Leakes And Husband Issue Statements

- By Bossip Staff

Charles Grant can go ahead and forget about Nene Leakes standing behind him as he faces involuntary manslaughter charges… Nene and her husband Gregg both released statements today pledging their devotion to one another. Pop the hood to check ’em out!

Not only does Nene deny even really knowing Charles “like that,” she also claims she has NEVER cheated on Gregg:

“Greg and I are still together – not separated or divorced. I have not left my husband for NFL player Charles Grant, and I don’t know how those rumors started. Charles Grant is no more than a casual acquaintance of mine since hosting one of his charity events in Atlanta about a year ago. I really have not had any contact with him since the Super Bowl, where I congratulated him for his big win along with other fans. I have never cheated on my husband, and reports of infidelity on my part are simply untrue. Like any married couple, we’re going through some marital problems, and working toward a path of recovery that’s personal and private. Our marital issues have nothing to do with infidelity on my behalf.”

We gotta give her props on one thing. Gregg must love her dirty drawers because this man backs her up on EVERYTHING!!! Not content to let his wife’s words stand on their own. Gregg issued a statement of his own:

“I stand behind my wife 100 percent! NeNe and I have been married for 13 years, and she has been a faithful wife to me. We are a normal married couple, going through ups and downs, just like any other couple. Yes, we’re experiencing a marital storm right now, but I believe with God’s guidance, we’ll get through it. Right now, our marriage is not a perfect one, but rumors and innuendos, accusing my wife of infidelity has been damaging to the reputations of NeNe and Mr. Grant. I am not an injured party, and accusations that NeNe has done something to hurt me or jeopardize our family are false and far from the truth.”

Nene, we don’t blame you girl… Make it work with your husband because um, that other dude is looking like the only NFL team he should be playing for is the “BAD NEWS” Bears.


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  • Hannibal


  • Mizz Frost

    LMAO @Hannibal!!

  • elvagreen

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  • no thanks

    I think NeNe’s p u s s y leakes

  • http://-tynettra- -tynettra-

    Wow! I am loving this!!!! A BLACK couple really tryng to hold thier marriage together!!!

  • We "Blacks" Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites

    Glad they’re staying together. Hate seeing marriages fail. Kind of a romantic at heart. 😉

  • currvalicious

    I love NeNe that’s my girl from the A! Greg is very stable for her, so she had better work on that marriage. These professional athletes are very triflin, she shouldn’t want to go that route.

  • Alrighty Then...

    he’s not an injured party, no infidelity on HER part…in other words, Greg cheated, not NeNe…

  • phatcakes


  • MsCollierKeepit1Milli

    Go NeNe & Greg! Yall are so lovely together.

  • sean-slade

    What pro baller would lay down with that big ole Sasquatch? An old retired one, nah none.

  • The so called King is a Little Prick; Yes Indeed


    That was funny, I would have like to been a fly on that wall as well.

  • Felicia

    NeNe, you cheated, don’t care who Greg lie

  • mr. ed

    c’mon gramps knows that she be getting her pc muscles flexed by all manner of random DI.CK.S……..THE ATLANTA HWKS PRACTICE SQUAD, THE FLACONS PUNT RETURN UNIT, THE BRAVES BULL PEN…AS A MATTER OF FACT NENE IS THEIR TOP ” RELIEVER”

  • RedboneKillBill

    IDK why because I don’t even know her but I cannot stand her!

  • RedboneKillBill

    LMAO @ Hannibal.

  • clarkekent3000

    Greg played himself,tremendously! After this h00ker let it leak she was kicking dude to the corner,she reverses course like nothing happened! WTF?
    He should kept it like that,but I am quite sure even without reading the page after my earlier comments there is at least one chick co-signing on this broad’s behavior!

  • Yo mama

    Lol @ Hannibal

  • neen-o

    Shaquille O’Nene??? Really Hannibal?? LMBAO!!!!!!!!!! *writes that one down* lol

  • it is what it is .....

    Ain’t nobody concerned with these two brothas…..

  • why we're foolish


    Arranged Marriages… Because some women are just too stupid to make their own decisions.


    LMBAO!!!!!!!!! It’s getting down to that isn’t it/

  • Educated Diva

    nene do not leave Gregg for that ugly dude! Plzzz… don’t! Gregg is a good guy & u will find out that it’s hard to find a man that is loyal & stand by your side like him.

  • Theorius Stylez

    Nene’s a hoodrat.

  • A child of the most High

    Her husband is a good one..


    I’m w/Mz Lady….this is a sad, sad site to exploit the means of black people to this extent. This is extremely IGNORANT & some of the ignorant & demoralizing comments placed on here are truly beyond words.

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