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Baby, this is Keke Palmer’s Dirty 30th birthday, and the gag is she celebrated with baby daddy Darius Jackson and sexy pics revealing his birthdate tattooed on her cakes.

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Keke Palmer recently shocked fans as she celebrated her 30th birthday on IG Live with her child’s father, Darius Jackson, nearly two months after he publicly mom-shamed her. The world thought they were estranged, but the whole time they remained gang.

The Alice star and fitness instructor had drinks to commemorate Palmer’s 30 trips around the sun on Saturday and gave a little insight into their relationship status.

In the video, the actress teases Darius about being smitten with a Virgo (her), although he constantly trash-talks the astrological sign.

“My mom’s a Virgo, my brother’s a Virgo, my best friend’s a Virgo, my grandma’s a Virgo,” Jackson said.

Looking at Palmer he says, “My partner in crime’s a Virgo”.

Jackson stammered before saying “partner in crime” as if he was searching for the right words to describe their relationship.

Maybe they’re together but not together-together.

The Nope star then expressed her gratitude to Darius, 29, for celebrating her special day with her “as always.”

“I just thank you for making it special for my birthday. That’s so sweet,” she expressed.

Keke posted a series of sexy ‘dirty thirty’ photos. After innanet detectives discovered the birthdate under Palmer’s right booty cheek was Darius’, it’s obvious she’s not letting her man go that easily.

Social media had much to colorfully say about the pair’s day-date.

One X user tweeted, “They never broke up! She took that rumor and marketed off it. As she should.”

Someone else added, “I’m stunned that anyone is stunned. Are folks new to the internet? Or adulting in general? When a woman only talks about work in the midst of a relationship situation w/ someone she admits she’s sprung on… that’s usually cause she working it out behind the scenes.”

Another user noted how people unfairly criticized Keke without knowing her relationship status, tweeting, “Those think pieces were hilarious. People were calling her all kinds of hoes. Meanwhile, they’re still cool and raising their child together lol. Darius even had to make a statement saying the blogs was doing too much and saying things he never said lol.”

Keke Palmer Used Relationship Drama With Darius Jackson To Secure The Bag

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Their reunion follows two months of not-s0-subtle shade-throwing from Keke after Darius publicly criticized her for wearing a sexy dress to Usher’s Vegas show.

Darius responded to a video of her being serenaded, writing,  “It’s the outfit tho… you a mom.”

The outfit was a sheer black dress over a corresponding thong bodysuit. The Tru Jackson VP alum danced and giggled as Usher sang “There Goes My Baby” to her.

Instead of apologizing for publicly shaming the mom of his son, he doubled down.

“We live in a generation where a man of the family doesn’t want the wife & mother to his kids to showcase booty cheeks to please others & he gets told how much of a hater he is,” he posted.

“This is my family & my representation. I have standards & morals to what I believe,” he noted. “I rest my case.”

Instead of getting mad, Keke made a bag. She teamed up with Usher to star as the lead in his new music video, “Boyfriend.”

They don’t call her Keke “Keep A Job” Palmer for nothing.

Fans noted the chorus sounds like a callout to Darius. The lyrics read:

“Somebody said that your boyfriend is looking for me. / Oh, that’s cool. That’s cool. / He should know I’m pretty easy to find. / Just look for me wherever he sees you.”

The entertainers also seemingly shaded the new dad. At the video’s conclusion, the former child star says, “I am a mother after all,” before winking at the camera.

After all the shady shenanigans and People reporting the two split last week, the public assumed the relationship was over after two years of dating.

“He’s moved on,” an insider shared.

However, Daddy Darius quickly refuted the claim on X. He posted, “I haven’t spoken to anyone about anything or gave permission to anyone to speak for me.”

“So all these sites & post about me making any type of statement is false.”

The fitness enthusiast may publicly drag his woman but it ain’t leaving her.

Keke and Darius met at a Memorial Day party in 2021. They went IG official in August the same year. The couple celebrated the birth of their son, Leo, in February 2023.

The lesson here is to never make assumptions about someone’s relationship status just because they’re beefin’ with their partner.

The family may feud, but they usually stick together.


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