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Here’s the woman who is believed to be Vera Baker, a former fundraiser to President Obama. Though she has denied it, herself, some folks are saying that she had an affair with him back in 2004. Not everyone is buying the tabloid story though. Pop the hood.

The tale, which claims that Obama and Baker spent time in a Washington, DC hotel, comes from the National Enquirer, who broke the Tiger Woods stories and were right about John Edwards, but they also reportedly offered beaucoup bucks to anyone who would confirm an Obama affair. The details are sketchy.

Check out what has to say:

However, there are many reasons to doubt this story.

First, the Enquirer offered $1 million to anyone who had proof that Barack Obama had an affair. This prompted a limo driver to come forward. But of course, the limo driver’s name is not revealed in the story. The anonymous driver claims that he took Vera Baker to the hotel and then later took Baker and Obama to various locations, then finally dropping them off at the Hotel George at the end of the night.

There is also a security tape that supposedly proves everything. Of course, the tape has not surfaced yet leaving great doubts about the veracity of the entire story.

Here’s what they’re saying over at The Hollywood Gossip.

Okay, look. We don’t believe this for a second. There are so many holes, we don’t even know where to begin. When did the alleged cheating on Michelle Obama take place? Is there anything beyond them staying in the same building?

That said, we have to admit, we thought the same of reports that John Edwards cheated on his wife with, knocked up and tried to pay off Rielle Hunter. Look how that turned out. Granted, the Enquirer had 10 times more details there.

Basically, don’t believe the Obama tale without a ton more evidence … but don’t assume something like this can’t happen just because it’s the Prez.

It seems to us that if there were truly proof of an affair going all the way back to 2004, somebody, would have jumped on this during the heated election. Perhaps neither of the chief rivals because lawd knows John McCain can’t say anything about cheating on your wife and things might be a little, uh, awkward for Hillary, but we trust their minions would have been all over this $hit like the birth certificate foolishness.




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