Stand By Your Stan… Mariah And Nick Celebrate Their 2nd Anniversary By Renewing Vows

- By Bossip Staff

The corniest couple in showbiz is sticking together! Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon pledged their love and devotion for a second time yesterday as they celebrated their second anniversary by renewing their vows. Pop the hood for more shots:

The pair shared their special moment at their Beverly Hills home with close friends and family. Nick wore a white suit and Mariah wore a sequined white wedding gown.

Aw how sweet!


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  • tania

    how cute

  • PrettyGirlEnt.Pinky

    1st. !

    && she’s getting fat

  • Robert

    Black love is in the Air, Its nice to see. Jay Z and now Mariah, Maybe this is a new trend.

  • TRUTH IS....

    who gives an eff….go make some hits britch

  • Nikkie

    its only been 2 years ppl usually renew vows after like the double digits smh they doin to much…

  • Your Daddy

    Nick Cannon = Doug Christie

  • chaka1

    Go head Mariah

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  • Bey-nonsense

    She’s doing it real big- Mariah= WIN to the 50th power

  • jumsmum

    Awww, I’m happy for them ;o)

  • defed

    Who cares!!! My boyfriend thinks the same with me. He is eight years older than me, lol. We met online at~ ,W/-W/-W)–[Black]-[White]-[Date]–(C/-O/-M=) ,a nice and free dating place for black/white men amd women

  • Bored-with-it-all

    “Corniest Couple”
    AaaHaHaaaa..too funny


    hating mofos…shut up.. some of you probably spend most of your time playing with yourselves. folks aint happy unless theres some kind of drama with someone. ..pathetic….*rolls eyes*

  • Interlude

    Mariah isn’t black. But nevertheless, she and Nick look happily married and he seems devoted to his woman. So, they are all right by me. Money would make me happy too.

  • TheGem-In-I

    OMG I’m sorry, but Mariah is a mess…who does that??? 2yrs?? 10 years yea…she clearly doesn’t know what to do with her $$$ & trying waaaay to hard to appear deeply & madly in luv with Nick…oh well wuteva!

  • Reality

    love Mariah and Nick 🙂 let’s support our black marriages for once. I shall tell you who’s hating above.

  • kec

    fyi. there are a few other couples that renew their vows every year (seal and heidi klum). to each their own. not sure why mariah and nick get so much flack. i don’t remember ppl going this hard when ashton and demi got together.

  • Bey-nonsense

    they are going hard because they’re haters. Like Katt Williams said when you have haters don’t get worried, try to figure out how you can have 25 more by this summer. lol

  • Interlude

    I am looking at the photos. Why did she get another ring? Not a hater just a spectator. Nevertheless, I would be happy and in luv as well, if I had M.O.N.E.Y. like theirs. Like my momma says, “A heap see but a few know.”

  • Its Bambi *itch!

    They’re wealthy and having fun…I Love this couple.>>No Hate Zone!!

  • Reality

    Most of the posts above are from white people, infact white women shocked that they can’t keep a marriage and little Nicky can. Brother probably laid down that Mandingo and Mariah is living in her dream lover fantasy 🙂

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  • mz. factz

    that gown is very lovely and hey who cares if they are a corny couple and nick is her lap dog it must be working for them because they seem really happy. Nick knows better than to leave that woman because that is his meal ticket

  • Ann

    Mariah is not an African-American, she is a black Latino.

  • JJ

    Mariah needs to go away. She has been lame for years.

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