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Tyrese Gibson is opening up about his marriage and subsequent divorce, claiming the entire relationship was a “joke” to his  ex-wife, Samantha Lee.

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The actor and singer dropped a new song on Friday titled, “Love Transaction.” The track–which comes in at just over 5 minutes–features Tyrese letting the world in on his feelings surrounding the end of his marriage. He also speaks on just how much he hates the legal proceedings that followed after.

“Thought that love shouldn’t cost a thing. So why must I pay all these lawyer fees? Need a resolution, was it an illusion? Can’t get no satisfaction. And now you’ve got me asking… Is this love? Oh, is this love? Or is it just a transaction?”

In the second verse of the song, Tyrese talks more about the business part of the divorce and remembers his ex-wife “dragging” him “in and out of court.” He also accuses Lee of trying to take everything he’s been working for from him, alluding to her wanting the money for herself and not their child.

“20,000 isn’t child support, we both know just who that money’s for.”

Gibson also released another song talking about his marriage, this time, questioning whether the relationship was ever real for his ex-wife. This track is the remix to “Don’t Think You Ever Loved Me,” featuring Lenny Kravitz and Le’andria Johnson, and the title pretty much says it all.

The song features Tyrese admitting that he and Lee made their “mistakes” throughout the relationship, but adds that they were supposed to “be together through the good and bad.” However, according to Gibson, Lee “folded under pressure.”

“Did you ever love me? Or was it the things I did for you? Gave you all of my heart, but I guess it wasn’t enough for you, oh no…”

In a recent Instagram Live, Tyrese echoed those same sentiments about his marriage, once again calling his relationship to Samantha a “transaction.”


“My whole marriage was just a big fu**ing joke,” he tells the camera. “Just a transaction.”

He goes on to say that even though the relationship was very real to him, he doesn’t feel like the two of them went into the marriage with the same intentions.

“I got married to do it for the rest of my life, but I guess it was all a game to her, so it is what it is,” Tyrese said.


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