Guess Who…

- By Bossip Staff

Someone decided that it would be a good idea to get “Brooklyn” tatted on their hand even though they are clearly NOT from Brooklyn.

Pop it to see who…

Your girl Beyonce…


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  • Lbstb


  • jumsmum


  • jumsmum

    Dang! Maybe next time ;o)

  • soxy

    HATED IT. no really. bad place to get it. Why b, why mess yo hand up like that?



  • coolbeans

    she looks like eartha kitt with a tattoo… is she prepping for the five heartbeats part 2? that is fake by the way..buh buh.

  • Yuh Dun Know

    Its the mark of the beast!


    Nah….that tat is stupid though. You have permanently messed up your hand with a tattoo that really has no meaning……

    Just Brooklyn.

    I hope she doesnt get like Rhianna.

  • http://bossip faye

    She is so damn ugly. She looks like oprah under all that make-up. Now imagine her and Jay divorcing what do Brooklyn mean. You can tell shes only a vessel. She knows nothing. Look at the position of her hand, very robotic !
    Now way in hel beyonce 28 more like 38 smh!!!

  • redcora

    Dayummm… my life is too boring

  • 1987

    Ummmm, why has no one mentioned anything about that cliff on the top of her head?! HATED IT


    Her husband is from Brooklyn….DUH!

  • Dirty Diana...Let Me Be ♪

    i don’t know why she would go and get a tat like that and furthermore put it on her hand. those pics might not be flattering of Beyonce but she is indeed a very beautiful woman and for people to come on here and say that she’s ugly shows you that people are jealous. why? I don’t know.

  • monskii

    “Hello Brooklyn, if we had a daughter, guess what I would call her, Brooklyn Carter.”

    Hint. Hint.



    WHY BEY?


  • carebear

    Am i the only who can see threw this? she is searching for attention

  • Dorian Grey

    Huummm well her man is from Brooklyn… Although I personally think it’s ridiculious considering that is her only tie to Brooklyn and I doubt you will see Jay with Huston tatted anywhere on his person. Oh and yes I do think she is older than 28 and yes I do think she will start getting little tattoos all over like Rihanna. Why, because Bey does what she is told…

  • UK 1991

    that is soo tacky
    she is way too infatuated with jayz SMH

  • Ara

    Look at Bey Bey, looking cute as ever ….

  • http://bossip nia

    Monskii- I can’t stand her but that would be cute ” Brooklyn Carter” and should be the only excuse for this stupidity.

  • Just Sayin

    The tat looks fake. I can’t see Bey Bey getting a tat. But maybe she is preparing us for what her child will be named…hmmmmm.

  • DAMN!!!!

    @Courtney You know what it probably aint real if it is she needs therapy!!!

  • speaking of this ish...

    i guess she forgot that she is from texas and has nothing to do with brooklyn except for the fact her hussy is from there?? i know houston must b mad..and why get a tat now? lame..unless its sharpie! lmao

  • meme6

    i hope that is not real. if it is, whoever tattooed that on her should return to tattoo school bc it looks sooo awful. the letters, their size, just ick. it looks cheap and tacky. that being said, its her body so im sure it has some meaning to her so kudos. just wish she had picked a better tattoo artist lol

  • BeBe

    rihanna DID it so now beyonce DOING it…it wouldnt be like right if she wasn’t doing that…

  • hater*free*since*birth

    how do you know it doesn’t have a meaning to her? do u live her life? is she doing it for attention? maybe…are yall haters dub enuff to give it to her? absolutely! “infatuated” heavens forbids a black woman that has no problem loving her man…the world must be coming to an end. “that trick beyonce make me wanna vomit, that’s y i spend my time on-line leaving comments” lol

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