How Long Before Half Naked Lisa Raye And Stacey “Shows Her A*s” Dash Have Co-Star Lauren London Takin’ It Off Too?

- By Bossip Staff

Lauren London doesn’t need Weezy’s child support checks thanks to her new TV gig. BOSSIP has just learned that Lisa Raye, Stacey Dash and Lauren London have a deal for their own Vh1 show… and shocker of shockers it’s not a reality show! Pop the hood for details

Lisa Raye appeared on Shade 45 “The Morning After Show with Angela Yee” recently and she discussed how the network will be taking advantage of “Girlfriends” going off the air for a new series. The series is based off of a Vh1 Movie of the Week produced by Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit company.

“It’s a black Sex and the City for us… we don’t have anything that tells our story about career and friendship and men and love and heartbreak and whatever, and being sharp and dressed nice and having our own version of bad shoes and bad bags. It’s a great cast with myself Stacey Dash and Lauren London, they covered all the bases.”

Watch her discuss the movie/show below:

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So with Lisa Raye playing the loose jawn, we’re guessing Lauren is gonna take the innocent role? We know Weezy has messed up her chances of maintaining a “good girl” image — but we noticed Lauren tends to keep most of her clothes on when cameras are around… whereas Lisa Raye and Stacey Dash are quick to drop drawers, bras, dresses, towels, whatever. Wonder if she’ll start letting it all hang out now that she’s doing a “Sex and the City” type project with these two?

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    REALLY LISA!!!??? i’m not a fan of MS. Raye…..Lauren & Stacey well that’s another story….but y Lisa…she’s jus tryna hold on 2 these 2 n’ as much as i like Lauren & Stacey they ain’t too relevant themselves!!!

    as much as i would like 2 wish these 3 ladies luck, i already know what the outcome will be….ANOTHER CANCELLED BLK SHOW!!!!!!

  • http://bossip Tery

    I think they are all great actors. However I don’t know if I like this line-up together. I would say leave Lisa out. I like Stayce and Lauren and it’s good to see them back in the buissiness. Big body all grand Lisa can do her own thang!

  • Miko

    Luv Lauren London… dem other gals too. : )

  • RedboneKillBill

    LR bathing suit is bad as heck. Well see.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    three beautiful women! that’s a hell of a lineup. i’ll be tuning in…

  • J

    Not really a fan of Lisa R anymore…but the other two I am a fan of. Just not sure this is the right show for them. Hope it goes well!

  • Chi-town smooth stepper

    I’m not really a fan of all of them, but they are tryin to make a livin like anyone else. Why all the hate if they were white u wouldn’t be hatin. Leave our sisters alone when they are tryin to work. Don’t hate congradulate. That’s why sisters are havin a hard time now. The haters are willin to support the white b’s instead of their own kind. WAKE UP EVERYBODY NO MORE SLEEPIN IN BED! CHURCH!!!

  • Clarkekent3000

    Eye Candy-Yummy!

  • Choco

    Whateva okay I guess it’s the latest fad so be it then doesn’t mean I will be tuning into to yet another show about females and their drama in retaining men…

  • WTF!!!

    All have no talent and they cant top!~!!!! its not going to work i try to support our people but somethings need to be left alone>>>> who ever cast them try again/

  • Davinitee

    Ya’ll said it right. She got with Lil Wayne so I’m sure he corrupted whatever innocence she did have.

  • Davinitee

    As far as trying to be a “replacement” for Girlfriends….NEVER!!!

  • daahlingnikki

    I can see the appeal for men but for women no…I like Stacy Dash and haven’t seen Lauren do anything since ATL…but honestly this concept is played first Living Single then Girlfriends…I won’t be tuning in for this…

  • Shawn of the Living

    Wow..self hate at it’s finest

  • megafly

    As for lisa Raye’s pix, My girl Darlene (Ice T’s ex) was the first person to rock that one piece. Lisa Raye seems to be trying real hard to stay around. I hope this works out for her this time. Last time, she begged and begged until she became first lady,only to get played all over again. The Bentley, she is paying for.

  • SuchALady

    Doesn’t sound too bad for a made-for-TV show; it’s unfortuante that these ladies haven’t made a better name for themselves to grace the big screen, but who knows…this may turn into something good.

    That is all.

  • getting down

    Lisa Raye’s TV show is okay and I understand giving your child affection but, LisaRaye acts like she wants to make love to her daughter. LR is all over her daughter all the time and moaning and groaning when she kisses her. Sometimes it looks like border line i.n.c.e.s.t.

  • Nubian King

    Who’s stupid enough to have more than a one-night stand (please wear a condom) with any of these women?

  • soulwoman

    I’m sick of VH1 and all these meaningless shows.

    Being beautiful does not equate talent. It’s sad that’s all it takes in this day and age to buy over the audience.

  • HK

    3 certified dimes…sounds like a winner

  • E$

    London is still young, so she has some time before she get to the point Dash & Raye are at

  • Curious1

    Long sigh….more T & A shots…lol…da hayle..

    ‘Gone’ put some day’em clothes on Beaches…lol…

    Haters Unite…Haters Unite..(protesting how pretty these beaches look ..Proudy that they are age defying for the two book end Broads: LR & SD….lol..)


  • 1987

    Haven’t these tv producers realized that any new show that has the same SATC concept ALWAYS get canceled? (Lipstick jungle, Girlfriends, etc.) Why can’t they come up with a brand new idea for a woman-based comedy?

  • Dev

    3 dimes don’t make a dollar

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