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Congratulations to Chrisean Rock, who welcomed her first child and she gave birth to her baby boy in front of a live stream audience of more than 300,00 people!

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Crazy In Love season 2 captured Chrisean Rock’s tumultuous pregnancy and relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Blueface. Like the ultimate reality star, Instagram Live captured her labor and delivery of their baby. The “Vibe” rapper hopped on the platform on Sunday, September 3, to announce to her followers that her water broke. Chrisean may have Blue tattooed all over, but their baby boy is her namesake.

“Let’s welcome my Baby boy Chrisean Malone named after his mommy,” Chrisean announced on her Instagram Stories.

Like always, the rapper kept it real in front of cameras and her followers. Chrisean joked with fans in the comments, her family, and the medical staff through moments like getting examined in the delivery room. She held nothing back about the big moment, including her sense of humor leading up to it.

“We gotta hurry this up! His head’s gonna be long,” she said during the delivery.

During a tense but hilarious moment of her labor, she yelled, “Get that n*gga out!”

Five days earlier, Chrisean predicted that she was ready to pop any day on an Instagram post.

“The last pregnancy dump [before] my Baby Boy 💙 comes,” she wrote on August 29.

Little did Chrisean’s followers know, they’d be virtually at her bedside when she saw him for the first time. In addition to thousands of fans and fellow celebs online, Chrisean’s friends and family surrounded her with love in person. Watch the touching moment below.

While the life-changing experience played out, many wondered about the baby’s father.

See what Chrisean and Blueface said about him being with his other baby mama instead of attending their son’s birth after the flip!

Chrisean Gave Birth To Her Son While Blueface Partied With His First Baby Mama Jaidyn Alexis

The on-again, off-again celebrity couple is definitely off these days, despite their baby baby blessing on the way. As soon as Chrisean revealed that her water broke, thousands of people online wondered where Blueface was. Many bashed him for partying in Miami with the mother of his first two children, Jaidyn Alexis.

Although several people dragged Blue for not supporting Chrisean in person, that’s what she wanted. The Baddies West star previously said that she’d embrace motherhood with or without her baby daddy, and she obviously meant it.

“H cannot be there while I’m pushing the baby out, sorry. That sh*t is intentional. That sh*t is intense. I need love, real love,” she explained last month on IG Live.

The rapper aimed at her ex, who’s been flaunting a reunion with the first mother of his kids during Chrisean’s pregnancy. The 23-year-old shared that she was setting boundaries with her ex and their toxic dynamic.

“I don’t need a n*gga ready to whip a camera out because his career is dying. I need real love. I’m setting boundaries. Of course, you can see your kid. I don’t need no child support. I don’t need no support from you, I don’t. I don’t want nobody,” she said, protecting her peace.

After welcoming her bundle of joy, Chrisean set the record straight about not inviting Blue to be with her.

“I simply ain’t invite him I went to my city to have my child . None of you weird a** ppl ain’t finna be around my son I’m all he got I’ma do everything I can to protect him from hate and jealousy or anything. His name is Chrisean and he will be loved n respected,” she posted.

Blueface Claps Back At Social Media Backlash About Missing His Son’s Birth

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Since their break-up, Blueface has made it clear that he’s invested in the mother of his first son and daughter, Jaidyn Alexis. As Blue tried to make Jaidyn’s recent rap career curl over, he said buying her BBL was “the best 30K [he] ever spent.”

The “Thottiana” rapper regularly trolls everyone online, including Chrisean. However, he addressed the backlash and “deadbeat” allegations. Although he still seemed to take some digs at his ex about Jaidyn, he respected her wishes with support “from a distance.”

“I love an support rock from a distance guys I don’t want no smoke that’s not my b*tch to go back an 4th wit online none but love for her keep opening up for artist one of them will grab you out the crowd someday an you will headline your own concert trust the process you got this,” he posted on X (formerly known as Twitter).

“Social media is all entertainment for me guys nothing I say or do has anything to do with rock I broke up wit her 3 months ago I moved on it’s time for you guys to move on to I’m with someone else now I been posting my Bm non stop for 3 months now I’m all about Jaidyn now,” he posted hours after Chrisean gave birth.

He also denied using one baby mama to make the other jealous, but everyone isn’t convinced.

Keep it about blue an Jaidyn. This is not some random girl I picked up to make somebody jealous or troll Jaidyn been right here for 10 years an 2 kids ,ain’t never stepped out with another man. I won’t find nobody else that solid this late in the game. I’m not letting up off her,” Blueface continued.

Most of the comments cheered on Chrisean and cracked jokes with her as she became a mother in front of the world.

Check out the social media reactions to Chrisean having her baby on Instagram Live after the flip!

Social Media Users React To Chrisean’s Live Streamed Birth In Front Of More Than 300,000 Viewers

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Whether people loved Blueface and Chrisean’s relationship or wanted to see an end to the viral toxicity, the former couple has everyone talking. They’re both trending, with jokes, criticisms, and congratulations flooding in.

The live stream comments included well-wishes from Nicki Minaj, welcoming Chrisean to the boy mom club. The quick-witted influencer responded by trying to set up a playdate between Nicki’s son, Papa Bear and Chrisean Jr.

After watching every step of the way leading up to baby Chrisean’s arrival, we all feel like his aunties and uncles now.

Check out the reactions to Chrisean giving birth and naming her son after herself, Chrisean Malone.

Congratulations to Chrisean Rock and Blueface!

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