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Shar Jackson celebrated her birthday in Vegas recently with her tig ole bittie swag in full effect. Her favorite person K-Fraud was even in the building:

“We were friends before we were a couple and we’re always going to be friends,” Jackson told PEOPLE at Wynn Las Vegas before entering the party. “We have two amazing kids together. Kevin is my boy.” She’s not kidding. Their reunion came only a few hours after the two hung out together in a VIP cabana at Tao Beach with friends and family. Jackson, however, insists that there is no talk of rekindling the flame. “We have passed that stage.”

Must be nice to keep collecting those Britney checks.


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  • fasfafg

    That different kid, by different baby-father ass ho………

  • fasfafg

    She’s nothing more than a modern day stepenfetchit coon………

    All she needs is the blackface make-up and the pimp cane….



    Shar really needs to take the contacts out. She is so pretty without them. She looks nice though and seems to have lost weight.

    I hate when there are random unnamed people in pics. People look crazy in that K-Fraud pic. For real.Well none the less looks like fun was had by all.

  • always knew

    Easy, nobody hasn’t made a run for Shar because no real black man ain’t going, for nobody’s (Kevin’s) leftovers…And that’s nasty, degrading and insulting as a black woman, to think that in order for her to get paid, she is still screwing around to get Britney’s money?????That ‘s how diseases spread…Good luck with that, though..Keep going for the crumbs left behind off of Brit and Kevin’s plate..Good job!!!!!!

  • char

    Shar is a nice person..and i think ppl should b positive and see the good in this situation…all ppl that have kids and are not together anymore should be able to remain friends for the sake of their kids and show their kids healthy habits not hatred for one another..

  • saucefry

    I noticed that within the past 10-15 yrs. Black people is getting “corny” men/women. The corniest Black chicks in Hollywood 2008: Shar Jackson, Aisha Tyler, Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, Whoopi Goldberg, Kerry Washington—these chicks have no FLAVOR, they all got that common “white thread” in them.

  • Private Dancer

    Kevin looks just like Halle Berry’s Beau.

  • always knew

    @ Everybody on this blog,The point I was making is that she should be in control of her own future. Yes, they had a relationship with kids, I am not saying to hate him. What I am saying is it’s a damn shame that “dont think for one min that K-fruad aint still hitting that.shes one woman whos gettin those child support checks on time plus some xtra.” the point being that is she is still messing around with him, just because she needed the money???No,she should get her own career and get off someone elses’ plate.This wasn’t about their kids, I am talking about the fact that she is playing runner up to another female, who is successful and the fact that to be told right out, that she is taking care of you and your kids, is an insult, if you don;t see it that way, that’s great, but I wouldn’t have no female or male dictating my future, that’s best left up to me and again, you catch serious diseases from playing ‘ho’games….Think about it….Nahhhh, better yet, go join their team, don;t you need to get paid too? If that’s your only way of earning money, then your mental is messed up…..

  • Kmia

    that dress is sooo outta style, and cheap looking. and please hide those legs, they look dry and dimply. She needs a makeover

  • always knew

    @Aries Chica- This is a gossip site, people blog and give their opinions, not everyone is going to agree, but if you don’t like it or can’t handle it..Maybe you shouldn’t be on this site….And I never liked Kevin, but not for the reasons that you think…What goes on Brit’s life, Shar’s life or Kevin’s life, is their business, if it wasn’t on this thread, we (you included)wouldn’t still be here typing about it….

  • sniper

    Shar lookin good here.

  • Savvy

    what’s with those eyes??? r they really her true eye color?

  • always knew

    @Aries Chica- Let me find out, you are a little welfare mama. Your mental is messed up, sweetie. When you are dependent on someone else for your SURVIVAL, that’s not a good situation….Maybe your should try to go back to school, better yourself,mama, trying to live off others will always leave you with an empty stomach…..

  • Nita

    Sharisse Jackson is a disgrace.

  • always knew

    @ Word to the Wise- Most of you can only get on the internet when at work. There’s an issue with that, too. I will talk about whatever I chose too. We all have opinions, but don’t have to be disresepectful with it, I try to respect everyone, until they come at me or give me a reason to do so…i could care less about their goings on, I do run my business everyday, doing damn well at it too, That’s a bonus to coming up, not having to work for anyone other than yourself..I don;t often involve myslef in commenting on trolls comments, except when I have nothing further to do, or one gets on my last nerves, like you…We all are going to either hate or congratulate,and I am going to continue to speak and type my mind, you don’t like it , join whoever you’re giving advice to,and take the ride straight to hell together, that way you can burn together, on the way down..NEXT!!!

  • always knew

    It’s a gossip site, DUHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  • Private Dancer

    Always knew, did you go to church today sweet heart?

  • AsiaA

    i felt that Shar was a ding-a-ling when she was talkin’ that hot sh*t about how she still loves K-fed and they will always be friends….this was right before she popped that last baby. he was f*ckin’ her in the ass with no grease for the world to see (the rest of the nation who didn’t watch UPN didn’t know who she was, but then, BOOM).

    I believe this is how she really feels. which is retarded as f*ck. (i HAD to say retarded. even kids with helmets aren’t that forgiving).

    i believe that a muthaf*cka will always go back and f*ck his baby mama. so i don’t doubt that they hooked up in Vegas. Big Whoop. we’ll know when her ass gets knocked up again. 4 kids and ain’t married NONE of them muthaf*ckas.

    Shar wasn’t even the star on Moesha. and is it still in sydication since UPN is gone? is it on TV One???? because otherwise, she has no guaranteed $$$ coming in.

    get off your back and get on your grind…you can’t rely on britney to supply your living expense.

    she needs to tell kevin to stay his a*s up out them clubs and stop coking it out. if britney keeps going at the rate she does, she’ll get her kids back, and kevin won’t be entitled to the amount of money he gets now. which means, his a*s can’t buy you a maint’ job on your new boobies or buy Jordan’s for your kids. and it is sooo easy to become irrelevant in hollywood…especially BLACK hollywood.

  • Ms. Toson

    Talk about an indecent proposal. I knew that Shar and K-Fed knew what they were doing.


    @ Always Knew

    Word to the Wise is Siditty. Pay him/her no mind! I got into it with them last week!

  • De

    She has several kids and has never been married to any of the fathers. What is happening to our society?

  • Mssmartiepants2u

    Sorry Shar, but your mom looks alot like Cedric in a wig after lapband.

  • trishaann

    Well good for them if they’re able to still be good friends.

  • CAndy

    She actually looks half decent for once.

  • Hot Sauce

    She has several kids and has never been married to any of the fathers. What is happening to our society?

    She a hoodho. Thats what hoodhos do. Ask Im Just Me. Shes a hoodho to.

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