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Funeral fo Slain Muslim Police Officer Mujahid Ramzziddin

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Maryland cops are some wild boys.

A Prince George’s County Police Department officer named Francesco Marlett has been suspended after he was caught in 4K on TikTok hugging, kissing, and ultimately getting in the back seat of his police cruiser with a pretty young thang according to Fox 5 DC. Let officer Marlett’s wife, Paula Marlett tell it, the alleged home wrecker in question is a woman named Virginia Pinto.

It’s unclear how the threesome know each other but following the firestorm, the two ladies aired out their grievances on social media where Paula Marlett put everything on blast via Facebook. According to Marlett, the other woman cheated on her husband before carrying on a years-long affair with her husband.

“I love you all,” wrote Paula to friends and family on Facebook. “Except for you Virginia, you can rot in hell b***.”

Pinto however hit an Uno reverse and alleged that the cop’s wife is also cheating.

“All I wanna say is y’all have the wrong info,” wrote the alleged mistress. “Paula Marlett isn’t saying the whole story which I understand but please don’t be mad at me because your husband wants me.”

The drama has revealed that this isn’t Officer Marlett’s first disciplinary rodeo with the department. The Fox 5 DC report states that earlier this year, Marlett was suspended after being accused of domestic abuse. Additionally, back in 2016, Marlett was suspended without pay after he was accused of beating his girlfriend’s 3-year-old child unconscious. The charges were dropped and his record was wiped clean.

These incidents alone should have been enough to strip him of all police power for good. You can talk all that “police are people too” s!#t you want, this guy sounds like a certified POS and should not be trusted with the public good.

PG County Police Chief Malik Aziz released the following statement to Fox 5 DC about the audacious cop canoodling;

As part of its investigation, the Internal Affairs Division is attempting to interview all parties involved as well as citizens with knowledge of the interactions,” the chief’s statement reads. “IAD encourages those with knowledge to please assist with the investigation by speaking with detectives. Your information could play a key role in helping us determine exactly what happened and taking appropriate action.”

“I know the officer’s actions seen on these videos have sparked a range of emotions in the community and put a negative spotlight on this agency and the many hard-working women and men who wear our uniform,” he added. “I expect every officer to conduct themselves in a way that will not dishonor this agency or this county. I assure the residents of Prince George’s County I take this matter extremely seriously,”

Sure, Jan.



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