Regina King: “Black Women Need To Get With The Program And Start Dating Outside Of Their Race!!!”

- By Bossip Staff

There are always thoughts and articles on why black men date white women but this time Regina King has taken a different approach. Instead of trying to beat a dead horse, Regina tells Vibe that black women need to explore their options… Black men do it ALL THE TIME!!!

Of all groups of people, Black women are the least likely group of women that will date outside of their race. When you have everyone else who is willing to explore but a Black woman is like, “I want me a brother,” well, if the brothers are out and they’re open to date everybody and the majority of Black women aren’t willing to look twice when a man outside of their race is sending them messages, then that makes our percentage rate lower and the chances of finding love, because we’re only looking in one specific place for finding love—with Black men.

Every single one of my girlfriends won’t date men that aren’t Black. I have maybe about five and these are people that I’m really considering my friends, not people that are associates or that you talk to or deal with at work. I have about five Black friends who date outside of their race. But all the other friends of mine, it’s either they vocally say that they won’t or every time an opportunity comes up for them to date outside of their race, there’s some excuse why it’s not going to work. They never really say it’s because he’s White, or because he’s Spanish or something like that. It’ll be more like, Well, you know he works at such and such, and our schedules don’t match.’ But we’ll know really what it is. It’s ’cause he’s White.

It’s more common here on the West Coast. I think in New York, you find more Black women that date outside of their race. But in L.A. not as many. I think Black women need to open up. A lot of Black women still carry a lot of pain when they see Black men with women who aren’t Black and that’s really unfortunate that that could make us so upset. It has to do with self esteem. With women on a whole, what a man thinks about us means so much to us. Does he think my hair is right? Does he think I look right? Does he think my ass is big enough? Does he think my titties are big enough?

And 9 chances out of 10, that man didn’t even give a f*ck. He couldn’t even tell that you had a pimple that day or that your hair wasn’t done. Most men don’t even give a f*ck. And the men that do that are really paying attention that hard to your ass or titties or exterior stuff, that’s probably not the best person for you anyway. One of my friends was asking me if I would set him up with one of my friends and I asked him, “What do you like in a woman?” And his first thing was “exotic.” I’m like, “What the hell does that mean?”


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  • Nicole The Nympho Formally Powderpuff i got tickets to Drake and i'm raping that azz

    no thanx honey i love my black men not being racist or nothing i just prefer blqck men i think theyre the finest things on this earth /,3

  • Fashionista - I am not a Slave, I am a jet set IT girl

    How so desperate…..Black women would kill to date out their race. The problem is white and asian men DO NOT WANT THEM. Even though they are in cooperate America, they are still alone.

    White and Asians men do not give a damm. Afro Americans can beg all they want on youtube. THE WORLD DOES NOT CARE.

  • Sydney™

    Oh Lawd, Regina. . .

    *ducking for cover*

  • http://perryone779@yahoo,com rose by any other name # 9304026339482056536 ™

    Sorry rgina, i like you ans all but not me and like i said i happen to have a black man who adores his black women like he loves his mom, and i aint EVEN letting that go and if i did i would look for another just like him! Oh they are out there , and im a strong believer in do what i believe in .. i follow no one and no trend and white men are the least appealing to me along with asains and middle easterners and italians..PR’s maybe but i have to think that one out.. but they would be maybe running nexy .. maybe!!!

  • MzBougie

    Hell yeah… Black men do it all the time. Besides, there are a lot of good meen out in all different races, so why not.

  • http://perryone779@yahoo,com rose by any other name # 9304026339482056536 ™

    Oh yeah, jamaicans top my list also before PR’s, but black first and foremost.. i aint converting over.. SORRY!!

  • C

    100% agree! I say the same thing. I’ve dated Guamanian, Black, Black-Korean, White, Black again, African, Indian from India, and now White again.

  • Sydney™

    On a side note, she looks beautiful. She’s glowing. Get it, girl. . .

  • Fashionista - I am not a Slave, I am a jet set IT girl

    The problem is not getting black women to date outside……….. but GETTING white men to date black women. Sadly, it seems that is proving very difficult.

  • MzBougie

    I meant men

  • LaDiva

    Ehhh whoever makes u happy… It’s your life…

    @ Syndey
    Hey Syndey…

  • lola

    i’m gay.

  • lilypie

    S e e k i n g A f f l u e n t c O m is a place for like-minded people who understand that intelligence, success and drive are key elements to attraction.

  • LaDiva

    @ fashionista

    Can u please keep your hateful rants to a freakin minimum….
    Blk women are beautiful too.
    Maybe not to your white standards…But that is your preference…

  • lola

    fashionista,where do you work?

  • Sydney™

    Hey LaDiva 🙂

    Um, it’s a tad crazy in here, no? It’s Friday. Relax, relate, release!

  • Fashionista - I am not a Slave, I am a jet set IT girl


    White men run America and they own you. Remember that.

  • LaDiva

    What is the myth about white ppl smelling like dogs…that is not true…I smell all types of shyt from all kinds of ppl in every freaking race…Sterotypes are disgusting.
    And lately there have been plenty of homicides from minorities on the news…This is nothing to brag about…

  • Gabulous

    Why should we? That’s so pathetic. People make it seem like we are desperate.

  • Angel

    @ Nicole The Nympho Formally Powderpuff i got tickets to Drake and i’m raping that azz…..

    I totally agree. I think Fashionista secretly wishes she could date a black man. Look at how much she frequents our site. I honestly think that she’s a black man lover. She wishes she could drop to her knees and pleasure a black man. Lol.

  • Oh Please...

    Regina get ready to get hated on HARD by the hypocritical black people on this site….

  • Ms BAB

    I agree with Regina….don’t close yourself off from dating outside of your race. If you perfer to say within your race that okay. The bottom-line is if you are not finding Mr. Right then look outside of the box, don’t close yourself off!

  • Ms BAB

    I don’t know what the hell that Fashionista thing is talking about me of other races are not closed to black women…..I would know!!!!FU

  • MochaLove

    Oh LAWD! Here. We. Go. Again. SMH

  • Fashionista - I am not a Slave, I am a jet set IT girl

    Ms bab


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