Who Cares About Talent? Rihanna Sticks Her Mic Where Chris Brown & Matt Kemp Have Common Ground!

- By Bossip Staff

RiRi was showing what she is all about while performing in Birmingham, U.K. She put the mic where the pap lights don’t shine, was throwing her monkey in fans faces, and straddling it on stage props.

Don’t believe us, then pop the top and peep for yourself

Rihanna is a freak!

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  • szese

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  • girl boo

    Stanky panky

  • chi town lesbo

    Ohh we I sure wish I was that microphone….

  • tb

    What the hell happened to TALENT? This is really pathetic!!!



  • Aunt Viv

    Is Ri-Ri really playing that guitar?

    If so-I’m impressed.
    If not-**YAWN**

  • tb

    What is the world coming to when a chick can’t sell records without playing with her cooch on stage or being practically neked…i.e. buckethead Rhianna and Beyawnce.

    What kind of parents really bring there kids to things like this?

    Bad enough this chick can’t sing…can’t dance…can’t act….could it be that she is famous because she…..dear we say…..lightskinned?

  • ImJustSayin

    Ummm Tb the talent left the industry in 1999.


    are y’all mad because RiRi is putting beyukmouth’s drag race, oops, i mean ‘sasha FAIL’ tour to SHAME? ROTFLMAO….

  • Krocks


  • http://baton344@yahoo.com sanjor

    What a no talented chick!

  • Shakera

    I love you Rihanna!!!! I will see you on July 28th. Haters!… Stay Mad!!!

  • justme

    stop hating.. she’s making money you wish you had.

  • Leeland

    I’m so proud of her. Despite all of the negative things that are said about this young girl she continues to rise. She looks like she is having fun. A black women selling out stadiums. I’m driving 3 hours to see her when she comes to US. I hope she does the Wonderwall cover on the US leg of the tour. I dammit I wish she would sing the entire song.

  • say it aint so

    riri is doing her thing, and she can stick that mic , where ever she wants to whats wrong with that. shes rihanna and she can do with her mic what she wants to , and shes getting paid haters.

  • Ho Sit Down

    All you women paying booka bucks to see a stripper lip-synch on stage need to get your heads checked…that’s some stupidity right there. But we know what they say “a fool and her money are easily parted.” Low self-esteem having hos. Guess your daddies weren’t in the picture to tell you right from wrong, huh?

  • ARIES79

    Rih is a bad b.i.t.c.h because
    she keeps haters… Rih do 
    your thang, keep these 
    hoes checking for you.


  • http://www.twitter.com/realsherally sherally

    her popularity is plummeting. She’s gotta pull smthng outta there to kp it intresting

  • weslyn

    WoW..that is really something to be proud of..just b/c u get paid to do it doesn’t mean it should be done

  • !!!!!


  • ARIES79

    Why are fugly women with low 
    self esteem always talking shyt 
    about what she wear… Yall hoes 
    must think she should wear some sweats
    and a sun dress on stage.   
    And how is she losing popularity 
    when you are on her story checking 
    harder than a d.y.k.e.


  • education is key

    i never saw a real woman put a microphone simulating having a d8ck. she’s gay as hell

  • loverihanna

    everybody has sum10 negative to say about Rihanna.. STOP HATING!!!

  • http:chokolatemilk.blogspot.com Choco

    Poor Lil Ingrate…

  • Nicole The Nympho Formally Powderpuff i got tickets to Drake and i'm raping that azz

    meh…… -_-

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