*BOSSIP Exclusive*: Presenting Asia’h and The Lotus Project

- By Bossip Staff

Babyface’s newest protege Asia’h may also prove to be his most triumphant. Days after suffering the most tragic loss of her life, Asia’h delivered the most memorable “American Idol” audition to date. While her unrelenting charisma and sincere charm helped her walk away with millions of hearts, it was Asia’h’s ferocious talent that defined her as a genuine star. After debuting on the country’s biggest stage two years ago, Asia’h’s distinctive sassy style eventually gained the attention of Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds. Captivating the industry legend, she soon signed with his Island Def Jam imprint Soda Pop Entertainment and has since been recording non-stop for her debut LP and upcoming mixtape “Deal With It”. With the blessing of her mentor Babyface, Asia’h is primed to walk the path of his iconic protégés as a voice that rejuvenated and renewed R&B.

Peep BOSSIP’s first installment on this series featuring new R&B sensation Asia’h:

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  • fool of a tooke!

    Yawn. Music is still dead.

  • http:chokolatemilk.blogspot.com Choco

    GTFOH with this fake azz hype

  • 2Sweet

    She can sing. Good luck to her.

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!!!

    Shorty is a HOTTIE!!!

  • Geoff

    What’s her background? She looks a lil bit Asian lol…she got pipes tho

  • Mrs. Rance

    Ok, since getting a comment posted is hit or miss these days, I’ll try again. Good luck to her. I’m tired of them pushing pretty girls who can’t sing a lick on us. It’s all about the vocals baby. I don’t give a damn what a chick look like.

  • http://BOSSIP miller

    She remind me of a knock-off race Ashanti, then her name is Asiah, enough said

  • Christina

    I remember her from Idol…she has an AMAZING voice, SOOO glad to see her doing her thang!

  • http://www.bossip.com Pamela Martha Focker

    SMH another black girl wearing a blond weave…

  • Deb

    I have been a fan since American Idol, still listen to the replays, great voice, great presence. Consider me a fan, I have been waiting to hear more, would buy the album in a heart beat. Good luck, Asia’h

  • needsaname

    she has an amazing voice and doesn’t need a lot of production to shine. i wish her the best and can’t wait to hear her on the radio!

  • emoney

    Can we say haters???? First of all, that is her hair!!! NO WEAVE! Asia’h is beautiful and can sing! I don’t know why people always wanna hate! Be positive, do something positive today rather than sit on a website talking mess about people you don’t know…Did you even read anything about her story? *smh* the audacity of some people…She’s been through a lot and is truly talented so respect that and if you don’t like it, keep it moving…find something productive to do today!

  • $hopaholic

    The spelling of her name just really pi$$Ed me off! Was that really needed…really?

  • MARY

    Hi Haters! I met Asia’h and she is so nice and down to earth! So before you start spreading your poisen you should give people a chance before you start judging! Look at yourself in the mirror and figure out whats wrong with you first! So you go girlfreind and do your thing don’t worry about what other people say do you and have fun doing it all the way to the top! The haters will still be here angry that they have no talent or nothing else to do durning the day but spit negative energy thats why they are stuck in life and not moving foward! Everyone Foller her at @ASIAHE ON TWITTER EVEN THE HATERS! WE LOVE YOU TOO!

  • Money First

    If the spelling of her name has “pissed you off” then you need to step back, take a deep breath and find out what your real purpose on Earth is all about. Not only is that petty, stupid and ridiculous but its shows mental instability!!!!!

  • soulwoman

    lol, I see Asia’s team is leaving comments on this blog.

    Anyway, I’m tired of every artist wanting to be the one to bring “real” rnb back.

    I do wish her well though. I need some good rnb music. Hopefully, Babyface got his “hit making skills” back and they come with fire.

  • Jasmine

    aw i remember her!! glad she’s doing well, that’s dope that she’s working with babyface. it’s always the people that dont win idol that do the best haha. can’t wait to hear some new stuff from her!!

    and alll the people hype about the spelling of her name…I know you know about 10 people in your family or close circle of friends whose names are worse….get over yourself please…

  • Alia

    Beautiful girl with a beautiful voice and spirit.
    Looking forward to the album.

  • Zinger

    the spelling of her name is idiotic. her parents failed on that one.

    in the possessive form her name would be spelled Asia’h’s…
    example: ” That’s Asia’h’s blond weave”

    in other words GHETTO and RETARDED.

  • Anne Roberts

    Love you Asia’h! You are beautiful and amazing!!! Anne

  • jarrett

    when i was a kid always listenimg to her sing i always knew she was destined to do big things. now look at her. im so proud of my cousin

  • $hopaholic

    @ Money First shut the f%ck up. Now about YOU take a deep breath and find out what YOUR main purpose on earth is instead of worrying about me and my “petty” comment!


    I don’t know her but I wish her the best….

  • lala

    Not impressed, sorry. I’ll stick with my Sade.

  • http://stewartsynopsis.com/Site%20Index.htm We "Blacks" Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites

    Not impressed, sorry. I’ll stick with my Sade.


    Cosign 100%!

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