Is Donkey Done Being A Deadbeat Dad?

- By Bossip Staff

After acting a donkey for the first couple years of his daughter Angel’s life, Eddie Murphy has finally come around. Ironically enough, it was while doing press for his recurring role as Donkey in the Shrek franchise’s latest installment Shrek Forever After for the Tribeca Film Festival that Eddie came around. Pop the hood for details.

Once upon a time you couldn’t even get Eddie Murphy to admit he fathered a child with Mel B. Then when a paternity test made it hard to deny, he still wanted nothing to do with the baby because he claimed Scary Spice tried to trap him with her fertile snapper… But it seems the actor has finally come around to welcoming little Angel into his life.

“While promoting ‘Shrek Forever After,’ Eddie talked a lot about his kids,” says a source. “Ever since, he’s been making efforts with Mel to get to know their daughter.”

Our source says he hosted a bash at his L.A. compound last week, and Brown, her husband, Stephen Belafonte, and Angel, her 3-year-old daughter with Murphy, were in attendance.

“They’ve both said some really nasty things about each other to the press,” says our source. “So needless to say, some guests were shocked.”

We hear the “Dreamgirls” actor had an additional push to make nice.

“Eddie’s ex-wife Nicole helped them reconcile their issues, too,” the insider said of Murphy’s ex-wife, with whom he has six kids. “Angel is Eddie’s youngest child, and Nicole wanted her children to know her. That helped Eddie to come around and get past all the animosity he had toward Mel.

“All of the children were there for the party, and it appeared that they’re one big happy, blended family,” the source added.

Mel B wasn’t Eddie’s only ex in attendance at the bash. The actor also seemed to be making an effort to get reacquainted with former girlfriend Shaun Robinson, the “Access Hollywood” host he dated before Brown.

Says the source: “At one point, they were in the kitchen together and seemed pretty friendly. There were whispers at the party that maybe they’d get back together someday.”

Since this whole Eddie Murphy family reunion seems to be a group effort, can somebody please get a comb and brush and stage an intervention with Mel B. about that poor child’s head???


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  • Gym CamelToe

    He dont like girls

  • zxs1112

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  • Shamerika

    …and I just looooooooooooooove the singles website in 4…3…2…1

  • drenk


  • BrownBeauty

    What about the child he had that is either the same age or a little older than his and Nicole’s eldest?

  • http://lilleo papyken

    Murphy soo funny even when he’s trying to serious

  • sean-slade

    Jimmy want a rib, Jimmy want a steak, Jimmy want a piece of yo chocolate cake.

  • Ms. T


  • Chalay Murphay

    Peepdla peepdla saay…Ien, Ien!

  • darealwifey

    He has some beautiful children.

  • MZ. LADY

    So we should happy for him for doin somethin that he should be doin as a dad? Really?

  • really?

    sounds like they need to check his health. first the baby, then shaun robinson. sick people like to make amends before the end….

  • juliemango

    Good on the xwife!!!

  • education is key

    i wouldn’t let a con artist, self professed voodoo woman, and her husband in my house no matter what. someone else could have brought the child over. he’ll be getting some drama in his life now. he better listen to shaun robinson.

  • education is key

    Christa said that when Mel moved out, she believed that she would somehow get Eddie to come to his senses and realize he was wrong. She wanted him back, badly, and then resorted to voodoo to try to lure him back into her life.
    Actress Elizabeth Rodriguez confirmed that she went along with Mel to the L’Ermitage Hotel in LA to act as a translater to a Spanish voodoo princess named Tabitha.

  • education is key


  • Here to share knowledge, not argue....

    I hope this story is true….I love it when people can get along for the sake of the children….

  • white man in power

    Johnny G must have convinced him to step up during their pillow talk…

  • tg

    Nicole is an AWESOME woman. And got a body to die for after having 6 children. Maybe others can, but I can’t find nothing bad to say about that woman.

  • shut the fu*ck up!!

    i know this is an old picture of this baby but please fix that chile’s hair

    come on this is 2010

    too many products out there for that child to look like this

  • !!!!!


  • Dee

    @ Brown Beauty:

    You’re right. I remember seeing a picture of his eldest daughter in Ebony Magazine years ago. I believe she is a few months, no more than year older than Bria Murphy, Eddie’s oldest daughter with Nicole. You never hear him talk about her or acknowledge that he has another child other than his kids with Nicole.

  • What about his marriage to "baby face Edmonds wife??????

    What about his marriage to “Ms.Edmonds (babyface edmondsex-wife)????

  • Curious1

    Speaking of his ex/current lovers…Was Johnny attendance..?? (whistling mischievously)

    just playin’…I know…I know..I know…I Play too day’em much…


  • so not true

    1. That party was last week, i was there and i dont believe this ish for a second

    2. I was there and didn’t see MEL B, anywhere! No, not even in the kitchen.

    3. Ironic that he decides to be a ‘father’ to his daughter a week before SHREK comes out and days before his PREMIERE. can anyone say PR SPIN?
    I’d love to hear it from Mel B that he’s in his daughter’s life.

    4. Mel just did an interview in January 2010 saying: EDDIE STILL HAS NEVER MET HIS DAUGHTER NOR HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH HER

    5. Shaun robinson???? EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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