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If conservatives actually had the dedication to economic values that they claim to have, then they would be fighting much harder to curb police brutality instead of running around screaming “bLuE lIvEs mAtTeR.” According to the Washington Post, 25 of the nation’s largest police and sheriff’s departments have paid out 40,000 settlements over the past decade which total $3.2 billion. That money could be spent improving the lives of so many citizens instead of paying the families of police officers’ victims.

According to the LA Times, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has agreed to a $4.75 million settlement with a Black man named Christopher Bailey who was brutally beaten by sheriff’s deputies back in 2020. Bailey was pulled over, dragged out of his vehicle and beaten so badly that he was left with missing teeth, facial fractures, and permanent damage to his eye. Per usual, the pigs denied everything and the janky district attorney didn’t press charges, but for *some reason* the county lawyers decided that almost $5 million should be paid out. For no reason…?

Sure, the money is helpful but it does nothing to curtail the violence against Black bodies. Says attorney Toni J. Jaramilla:

“However, full justice in this case will be the immediate termination and criminal prosecution of each and every Los Angeles County Sheriff deputy involved who, as we alleged, beat, tasered, and tortured Mr. Bailey so badly that he was heard pleading for his life,” Jaramilla said. “The trauma he suffered is long-lasting.”

These cities would rather waste billions in tax dollars on paying people off instead of putting pigs in prison. Amerikkka.


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