Taxi Cab Drove Ho Crazy

- By Bossip Staff

Meet skank for hire escort Jennifer Thomas who took off her shoe and beat a man over the head at the appropriately named Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale, Arizona. Pop the hood.

The Smoking Gun reports that the victim, a hotel valet, committed the offense of calling this hoochie a yellow cab.

A female escort wielding a high-heeled shoe is facing an assault rap after she allegedly used the footwear to beat a valet bloody outside the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale, Arizona, according to police.

Jennifer Thomas, 26, was arrested early [Tuesday] in connection with the Monday night attack on the 27-year-old male victim, who was injured after Thomas hit him in the head with the shoe. The heel’s tip struck his scalp, “causing him to begin profusely bleeding,” according to Scottsdale Police Department reports. “The gash was consistent with the size of the bottom of a high heel shoe.” The unprovoked assault apparently was triggered after Thomas–who was wearing a miniskirt and had been drinking in the upscale hotel’s bar–asked the valet to call her a cab. When a “standard Yellow Cab” arrived, Thomas … became irate, saying, “I’m not f*cking getting into that. Who do you think I am?”

A crazy whore?

She added that hotel employees “should know I need a sedan.” After a second vehicle was summoned–this time a Lincoln Town Car–Thomas removed a shoe and, “without prompt,” took a “violent swing” at the valet.

We hope the back of a police car is to her liking.


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  • Robert

    Dumb chick

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  • always knew

    this was hilarious! LMAO at Hispanics in Az. The valet ought to be happy, she didn’t bring La Familia with her! 🙂 lol jk

  • queni

    Queni Pain


  • Wacky Azz Hookers

    In light of the fact that most people know who know her for what she does, giving “rides”, they should have just looked straight at this violent trick in the face and called her “A Yellow Cab” instead of a “ho”.

  • Choco


  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    “We hope the back of a police car is to her liking.”

    what did she expect a stretch limo??

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  • Here to share knowledge, not argue....

    ^^^^^^ see what I mean?

  • Nic

    She’s 26? Must have lived a hard life.

  • U Already Kno

    ROFLMBAO!! @ here to share knowledge, not argue

  • Lady Star

    She’s lucky he even called her a cab. SAD SAD world!

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