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The anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death is coming up on June 25th and not everybody wants to accept that the King of Pop is gone. The folks over at a site called Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators think he’s still kicking. And there are fans out there hanging on to the hope that Tupac is alive. This got us thinking about some of the celeb death hoaxes we’ve seen. Pop the hood.

1. Whitney Houston — Back on 9/11, there was a rumor going around that Whitney was dead. As the story picked up steam, her publicists issued a denial telling ABC News:

In a statement, her publicist, Nancy Seltzer, said, “I’ve just spoken to Whitney. She is perfectly fine and does not understand why, with everything going on in the world right now, they have to find new rumors to dig up. She is home in New Jersey with her family.” Seltzer said people were calling the singer at home and sobbing, after apparently having heard reports of her death over the radio. According to the rumors, Houston had died of a drug overdose.

2. Bobby Brown — Whit’s ex, Bobby, has also been the topic of premature evacuation talk. In April he had to call into a radio station to prove he’s still with us.  Hip Hop Wired reported:

Calling into Atlanta radio station V-103, Bobby spoke with radio host Ryan Cameron to clear up the rumors. When asked how the rumors started, Bobby stated,

“I really couldn’t tell ya. I heard about it yesterday and brushed it off but I think Twitter is getting out of hand. People were calling my phone and asking me am I ok so I started to wonder. I’m just thankful but I got everything to live for.”

3. Bill Cosby — In February there was a rumor going around the Web that Cos was gone to that great Pudding Pop factory in the sky. Tech site Softpedia noted:

“In what appears to be the latest example of hackers jumping on the coat-tails of a hot trending search topic, criminals have created malicious webpages which pretend to be a CNN news report about Bill Cosby’s supposed death – but really display fake warnings about security problems on your computer,” Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos, warns.

4. Will Smith — In 2009, online jacka$ses claimed that Will Smith died in a car accident. A post on the Will Smith Fan Club noted:

The story goes that Will Smith was driving his Porsche in the Hollywood Hills area when he lost control of his vehicle which flipped…. It is confirmed that Will Smith is not dead, and that he did not have a car accident at all!

5. Jaleel White — Way back in 2006, there was a phony story out there that the actor who played Steve Urkel shot himself in the head, supposedly still despondent that “Family Matters” had been cancelled. According to the moronic tale, the suicide note featured the Urkel catchphrase: “Did I Do That?” Needless to say, White’s alive.

6. Kanye West — Kayne supposedly bit it in a two-car accident in 2009. Amber Rose was ready to snatch somebody baldheaded. MTV reported.

The rapper’s girlfriend, model Amber Rose, tweeted, “This ‘RIP Kanye West’ topic is not funny and it’s NOT TRUE! He has people like myself and his family that love him very much. … It’s in extreme poor taste to have that as a trendy topic. It’s totally disrespectful to make up a story like this we’re all human … and we all make mistakes and to say someone died cuz of a mistake is ridiculous. You wouldn’t want someone to say that about you.”

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