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  • Hannibal

  • Hannibal



    Another fake boob, plastic ass, mixed/hispanic chick just screaming for some low self esteem having ass black ball player to wife her up and put her on a pedistal….NEXT!!!!

  • Re (Birthday in 4 days!)

    Come on…that face is not unique, in fact it resembles a man…worse are those silicone breasts. My breasts look fantastic and better than that, and I’m not even that size cup…

  • http://deleted BadNewsBrown

    i just did that old Warner Bros cartoon wolf reaction.

    now somebody find my eyes, so i can roll my tongue back up and fix the hole in my shirt where the heart busted through. whew

  • Re (Birthday in 4 days!)

    Lol, this is very true Nikki. I look in the mirror with pride after I shower, they’re so beautiful. Now, one day when I have children, they’re going to swing low, but until that day…

  • http://deleted BadNewsBrown

    @Nikki, yeah you know I came to my senses right quick, but that initial reaction’ll get you every time

    @Re you could be lying, but i’m guessing you’re telling the truth. three cheers for ethiopia. lol

  • msjlh:is it the way u luv me baby?


  • http://deleted BadNewsBrown

    shiiiiit i need to move back to cleveland. lol


    Man’s creation… Good lookin’ knife job.

  • num1dominicano

    Lol, this is very true Nikki. I look in the mirror with pride after I shower, they’re so beautiful.


    Layla Lounge huh…..right right…….

  • Re (Birthday in 4 days!)


    LMAO! Hey, I understand what breasts are for…for the childrens, that is…but until that day comes…I believe they are beautiful. Mine are on the smaller side, but they’re so round and perky there should be monuments made in their honor. My husband says so himself…Ladies, take pride in your ta-ta’s, and do your monthly breast-exams!


    LOL @ Not too shabby you perv!

  • Re (Birthday in 4 days!)


    LOL, okay, I’m going to make sure to wear a loose fitting turtleneck…

  • num1dominicano


  • Redd Tony aka Earth Sign {Its time for a Revolution)

    Dem tittays looking right

  • Re (Birthday in 4 days!)

    LMAO!!! Nikki it’s cool. Lets tell the truth here, they are what they are.


    With a first down jacket…

  • http://deleted BadNewsBrown

    monuments in their honor…

    I almost did a spit-take on my computer screen. I’m proud of you RE.


  • Re (Birthday in 4 days!)

    Well actually, who wears first downs anymore? That’d make me a bamma….


    …okay, northface.

  • Re (Birthday in 4 days!)


    Hey, I mean, lets be honest here, if you like what you got, be proud. I was considering making a cast of my breasts for women with Breast Cancer who are recieving reconstructive surgery (I work in a Mammography center).

  • Re (Birthday in 4 days!)

    Nikki…don’t be shy babes, you can tell us what you’re most proud of. I’ll tell you what I dislike…my fufu pounding knees…

  • Tiara


    Ladies puhhlllleeezzzeee do not hate. This woman’s body is banging! LOL! I had to do a double take and do it for several minutes..

    She’s definitely blessed. Now whether she’s blessed w/ God given body or a bomb @ss surgeon is up for debate!

    But I think all women are beautiful..all shapes and cup sizes..;)

  • num1dominicano

    @ Nikki

    you mean the coochie lips are big?? Damn…I like that…

  • Re (Birthday in 4 days!)

    LOLOL! (((Shrugging my shoulders))) I have no problems with it, take pride in your bod…it makes your man love it that much more.

  • Re (Birthday in 4 days!)

    Wow uhh….Num1…that just sounded really crude here…lets try metaphors to soften it up a bit….

  • Re (Birthday in 4 days!)

    (I’m out, byeee)!

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