Ho Sit Down: Sarah Palin Supports Arizona Immigration Law, Says Obama Needs To “Do His Job”

- By Bossip Staff

Who is still checking for this dumb broad and her opinions anyway???

Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin joined the national battle over Arizona’s controversial new immigration law Saturday, appearing with Gov. Jan Brewer in Phoenix to denounce the Obama administration’s criticism of the law.

“It’s time for Americans across this great country to stand up and say ‘We’re all Arizonans now and, in clear unity, we say Mr. President, do your job, secure our border,'” Palin said, standing beside Brewer at a Saturday afternoon press conference. Brewer used the event to announce her first appointment to the state’s new Joint Border Security Advisory Committee and the launch of a Website to combat what she said was a national misinformation campaign about the state’s new law.

Palin and Brewer, both Republicans, decried plans by opponents of the new law to boycott the state in protest. Palin joined Brewer on Saturday in denying the statute would lead to racial profiling. “I think for most American people the reaction to that would be, ‘Why aren’t (police) already doing that?'” the former Alaska governor said.
“And while Mexico’s president has begun to crack down on the violent drug cartels and corruption in his own country,” she continued, “It’s time for the United States government to enforce the rule of law as well.”

Brewer also took jabs at Obama and the federal government. “Our border is being erased and our president apparently considers it a wonderful opportunity to divide people along racial lines for his personal political convenience,” she said.



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  • Jessica

    I agree that the border needs to be protected from people breaking the law and crossing illegal because Arizona is no longer a Mexican territory but a State of the Union. However, my family been in this Country since the 1800’s and we owned a large part of what is now known as Texas of this United States and I will be damned if I have to carry my birth certificate around to prove I belong here in this Country after the people living her STOLE our land! My family’s name is Balli and we owned Padre Island and what is now considered a National Park. Do you know how upsetting people like Sarah “Lost in Darkness” Palin makes us? She needs to stop trying to govern when she doesn’t have any wisdom to create a plan that protects all the citizens of this Country. She seeks fame and without sense she opens her mouth to reveal her weaknesses. I hope the Lord never allows her to lead us into further darkness and suffering!

  • Walter

    If you are in this country illegally then you should get out. I don’t understand how illegals could feel entitled to live this country when you didn’t come here they way you are suppose to. It’s not fair to the countless others whom have come to the States with proper permits/visas and citizenship.

  • charlotte

    Its clear to me that Arizona wants to be a white only state. First they have this immigration law and now they want to ban ethnic studies. I say many non-whites should pick up and move to Arizona just to piss them off!

  • Cali41

    I agree that there needs to be immigration laws to protect our borders. The influx of illegal immigrants into the United States is one of the main issues which has caused the U.S to be essentially bankrupt. Congress will continue to sweep this issue under the rug, at the expense of American citizens. The illegals walk through our streets, proudly carrying their mexican flags; taunting Congress, the government, the FBI, Obama, and Immigration. They know that…CHEAP LABOR and Congress fear of political backlash will protect their illegal existence within our borders.

  • MisterGee

    I’m so tired of this dizty trailer park trashy loud-mouthed coochie critter. There’s NOT much to like about her at all. GOD help us ALL if she’s ever becomes president of this already wretched country! SMH!!!

  • DenialRiver

    I can’t stand Sarah Palin but whoever wrote her little speech there (we KNOW it wasn’t her) is dead on. Obama, like Dubya, like Clinton, like Bush Sr. haven’t done their jobs with respect to dealing with the illegal immigration problem.

    Republicans and the Chamber of Commerce LOVE all that cheap, illegal labor that they can pay for under the table without providing benefits…

    Democrats love all those potential new votes they’ll get from the children of illegals.

    And both parties are willing to sell out the country to get what they want in the short term.

    All this talk about Arizona’s ID law is a DISTRACTION. Neither party really wants to deal with the problem or else they’d make it a FELONY to hire a worker without proof of citizenship. Forget carrying ID. Just make hiring them a felony and the problem will fix itself.

  • Secret Voice

    While I can’t stand that dumb woman Palin,I do feel the federal laws for illegals need to be enforced.There is nothing racist about wanting illegals out because they are here ILLEGALLY.

    I just don’t get why it’s so d@mn hard for people to understand the fact that being here illegallyI IS AGAINST THE LAW.

  • Swirl Master

    And all of you ignorant mofoz should check out Section 287(g) of the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act. There is nothing in Arizona law that was not already established on the federal level. I understand that Obeezy wants to give everybody amnesty and get several millions of new dedicated voters in addition to the retarded ones who dont understand shiat about what is going on in the country and cannot see further then the color of their skin.


    Obama does need to do his job. Wtf are these presidents waiting for? they need to kick these mexicans out of the f_cking country. Enough is enough already. How long will these presidents sit back and do absolutely nothing?

    And these mexicans have no right to be here, they aren’t fighting for rights. they are fighting for the right to BREAK THE LAW. How are you going to come here, break the law and demand rights? are you that stupid?

    the mexicans have already taken california into the depths of hell. Now we are suppose to sit back and allow them to take the rest of the country under?

    To me it seems like an Agenda, the government has a great plan at hand here and they are using these mexicans to accomplish their goals. The government wants the country to take a nose dive and they are using the mexicans as a tool.

    I’m starting to believe in the New world order conspiracy’s.

  • yalldumb

    ya’LL are dumb if you think the solution is that simple…

    either way arizona is going to have a lot of racial profiling cases to deal with because if i was an american citizen and they asked to see my ID i would ask based on what suspicion, and they would have to give me an answer and i’m guessing it would have to be something to the point of well you don’t look like you’re from here. me and a few friends are planning to go out there when the law comes into affect just so we can sue the state because we know we’re going to get messed with lol

  • Pervster


    In such a short post you dropped a whole lot of knowledge.

    Having said all that (now to my ignorant side).

    Palin needs a nice pounding from a well hung brotha; that’ll put that flippant @ s s mouth and attitude of hers right into check. Because Todd is a spinelss turd obviously.

    Shaddap already b iy a it ch!

  • pleasepeople

    them mexican need to go who are here illegally. It is not fair to have parents who are illegally but their children are born here.

    Illegal parents are wrecking our national budget by using money to feed, house and cure their children illness.

  • Marquis de Sade

    First off, i’m against Arizona’s current policy in dealing with their immigration issues, but in their defense, they’ve been asking for FEDERAL help in securing their borders for over 20 some odd years

    …For Sarah Palin to put the onus on the Obama Administration is just plain partisan politics…This issue spans all the way back to the first George Bush Sr’s stint in the White House.


    If you live in a border state, you already have seen the start of where we will eventually be going. The drain on resources has caused by overpopulation has caused schools to become ridiculously overcrowded, while social services and hospitals have shut down/closed. The majority of once mixed or Black neighborhoods have become Mexican by a large majority.

    Fact is, while our government (yes including Obama) has been asleep at the wheel, for the last 40 years Mexicans have been streaming across the border and starting families here so they cant be kicked out. The original anchor babies are now adults having babies of their own and Mexicans know they now have the numbers to enable political change in their favor in the border states.

    The conservatives are correct on the immigration issue. As common sense will tell you, and those in the border states have seen firsthand, having an unchecked border will only benefit the Mexican/Hispanic community and be detrimental to those outside of that community.

  • baybaybay

    I haaaate Sarah Palin immensely she is racist and mean spirited beyond belief. No matter what Barack tries to do it won’t be good enough in her eyes but he’s only been in office alittle over a year how can you expect him to fix every single problem overnight that was years in the making. I loathe her and your crew:Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Hannity Combs ,Glenn Beck and Fox New can kiss my entire azz!

  • Thatswhat they get.

    Now I wonder what Daddy Yankee and all the other Latinos think that voted for these fools. Ha ha.

  • Nubian King

    If you didn‟t get no wake-up call when you saw those building fall, you never will, not in this lifetime.

  • Nubian King


    I have noticed that also…..

  • Somali Ninga

    I HATE Obama but this Sarah Palin racist bit©h needs to shut the fu©k up! Can we make sure this ©unt even has a high school diploma? Somali Ninga got your back Mexicans!!!

  • http://illegalsgetout.com/?p=105 Ho Sit Down: Sarah Palin Supports Arizona Immigration Law, Says … | Illegals in America

    […] I agree that the border needs to be protected from people breaking the law and crossing illegal because Arizona is no longer a Mexican territory but a State of the Union. However, my family been in this Country since the 1800′s and we … View full post on Arizona illegal mexican – Google Blog Search […]

  • Swirl Master

    @baybaybay – it must be hard to kiss your ENTIRE azz, if you mentioned it like that;
    My point is: the US is a great country with incredibly high living standards. You, who never lived outside of this country, will never understand how lucky you are to live here. I came here from Eastern Europe with $200 when I was 23 and now, less than 10 years later, I have degrees, house and other things that I could not even dream about when I was growing up. This was truly a land of opportunities for me. By having such high living standards the US will ALWAYS be a target of envious haters AND poor bastards who will give ANYTHING to get here by any means. However, the resources are limited! We cannot just accept everyone and GIVE them the same standards of living that we enjoy by paying for their healthcare, education, and food. Scarcity – that is the problem. We HAVE TO protect ourselves, our children, and our way of living from redistribution of our money through taxes and other means to the REST OF THE WORLD!

  • aqueenwaits

    You better be careful Sara and stay out of Arizona. You’re probably an illegal alien. Anybody who’s dumb enough to say that they can see Africa out their back window and they live in Alaska……..ain’t too bright.

    HOe* PLEASE sit down!!!!!!

  • ReALiSt AKA ReALeSt (I'm BoSsIp'S mOsT HaTeD - I'm JuSt HeRe To TeAcH bLaCk HiStOrY nOt ToRaH)

    Why do they even allow this idiot to speak??? She’s the dumbest person alive – I know she can also see ARIZONA from her backyard…

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