*Exclusive* Jennifer Williams Of Basketball Wives Heard Rumors Of Pat Riley Stopping The Show! [Video]

- By Bossip Staff
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  • cali girl

    she’s my favorite on the show, hands down. she’s gorgeous, her husband is a fool

    • Michelle

      OMG! You’ve got to be kidding. Jennifer is a golddigger, fool, no self respect silly, not all the cute inmature woman. To let a man ” your husband treat you that way is terrible. She wants the fame and the money at any cost. He all but told her to kick rocks….. she’s a fool

  • charlieblanko

    I agree cali… she is a banger!

  • Dj

    Me piace molto

  • Micaroni715

    This is the worst show ever.
    Women, especially sisters are not portrayed in a positive light.

  • http://tyronemalonepoet.blogspot.com ty

    I wonder if she’s single cause I need a nba wife like that guy dating shaq’s wife!


    i dont dislike her as much i did n d beginning, cause she seems 2 b d only one n her click open 2 other ppl. like royce.

  • Come on now...

    She is absolutely stunning and beautiful, real talk.

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    Is this a man?

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  • ErycaK

    When are they going to cancel that show it’s soo boring..

  • n_satiable

    Jen is definitely beautiful. I agree with NurseJ — she’s the only one who’s nice to Royce (esp. with the soup kitchen volunteer work), who I really feel is the “realest” one in the group. Jen needs a bit of tact and social awareness — how do you talk about a groupie, confront her about her reputation? If your opinion of her is so low, why talk about her at all?

  • daahlingnikki

    she’s the only one that is a basketball wife…the rest are baby mamas and “fiancees”…

  • Jay the Real One

    Gloria is the only keeper in the lot.

    • Michelle

      Gloria talks to much. She needs to stay away from all those bitter chicks. It is what it is. I think that if he really wants to marry her, he would have done it already. Just roll with it and then do what’s right for you. 23/24 is super young she can move in or move on.

  • truetalk

    what’s beautiful about this weaved out tranny looking cow? is that your idea of beautifu? fake everything? I would like to se her without her false hair, false eyes, false breasts, thn i will decide if she is pretty…. already decided sheis NOT!

  • notadummy

    Sad to say, Gloria will be heart broken. That always happen when u put your man on a pedistal.

  • juliemango

    Hair is “onpoint”, love the scarf and the Ludamusic in the background!!!

  • kingsmommy

    She is one of my favorites as well!! She is a beautiful woman. Eric better get some act right!! He is the business at all!! She can do better..but I hope they get it together and stay together..

  • WTF

    Jen is one bad chica. She stays FLY from head to toe! But boo boo you are not private. You put your relationship on blast on the show and other interview.

  • chyynaa

    Private? Shes the one with most her business being aired out.

  • MJfan4LIFE

    Jennifer and her husband both look like horses by the mouth. I’m so sorry she’s not pretty at all to me. I like Gloria, she keeps it real. The rest are who*es

  • http://twitter.com/chyynaa chyynaa

    Hair is on point though lol

  • anonymous

    She is a “private persons” but go on a show and share her business.

  • anonymous


    Boy when i seen her husband it was over.

  • http://www.bossip.com SWord

    Actually Jennifer is very FAKE. She instigates and tries to start things on the low. Her husband is playing her left and right and the only reason she wont divorce is because is prob had her sign a pre-nup. The only real person is Royce. She is what you get and the other girls are sorry. Jennifer also needs to open up her mouth when she talks she is weird. I think that is her real hair..her eyes are just fake.

  • shon Jones

    Royce is my favorite she is a simple cute girl. jennifer i’m starting to like her she is a very cute lady the others dont to much care for. dwight and eric you all r wrong for treating these ladies like dirt.


    I think she is gorgeous. Isnt she the only “married” one?

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