Jesus Take The Wheel: 14 Year Old Girl Drugged, Raped and Tortured In Basement

- By Bossip Staff

Enduring two weeks of punishment, a 14-year-old girl was repeatedly raped, drugged and beaten by two men while confined to a Crown Heights basement located in Brooklyn. Continue…

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  • n

    U and Ye need ta stopSMH.

  • Lovelybubbly

    Those two suspects look like the mad dog killer types so that’s wonderful that they didn’t kill her but she will need plenty of therapy and may have post tramactic stress disorder after all that she’s been threw. Those two demonic creeps will bust hell wide open.


    People in this world are losing their mutha effin’ minds! SMDH

  • jessiy

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  • RoyBoy

    They need to be locked up for 5 years for each day that girl was caged like a animal.

  • ReALiSt AKA ReALeSt (I'm BoSsIp'S mOsT HaTeD - I'm JuSt HeRe To TeAcH bLaCk HiStOrY nOt ToRaH)

    Hmmmm!! Inna the ghetto!!!!!!!!

  • Queen R

    Its sad reality that these young girls think they are grown and out there, literally! They want to be in the in crowd which happens to be grown men who hook em on drugs eventually turning these poor girls out. We read about these kind of monsters all day every day. It is sad fact that many of these young girls come from homes where nobody gives a d**m. I hope some of them read blogs such as yours so that they can read and see that there really is a boogy man and they are out there waiting. Stay at home girls get your education, talk with your parents or someone who is making a difference in their life.

  • FGM

    14???!!?? prayers for her, A rose is still a rose, baby girl your still a flower..

  • resurrected

    They were acting like Beast who have no control of the mind only of there inplusive which a lot of people are starting to act like these days… We are human being with the ability to control our actions… These two men were looking for someone easy to control that is why they picked up children and that is why they drugged her… Why are men being some mindless, cold and accountable of there actions. I am starting to believe that extreme punishment is starting to be neccasary in this time and age…

  • soulwoman

    Please young girls, stop getting into cars with dudes that you don’t know.

  • R_U_Trying_To_Prove_Her_Right?

    Looks like two candidates for a couple of
    “retro-active abortions”.

  • Getem

    I hope they get what they deserve in prison.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    off to the booty house they go.

  • MATIX B( the real Canadian DIVA)

    Sydney™: Thank you …checking out the link.

  • uptowngirl

    These m.o.t.h.e.r.f.u.k.e.r.s need their ballz cut off with a dull razor. And these young girls need to pump their brakes and stop trying to be so grown. Fall back and stay in a childs lane.

  • Gimmeabreak78

    I can’t even bear this today. This is simply too much.

  • Dani

    This hit close to home because I use to live there as a Child. I hope they get what’s coming to them.

  • williedynamite

    according to NY police reports the 14 year old was a known drug abuser and prostitute so ,um…not justifying these guys acts but…we will see

  • http://bossip Keep it Real

    @Fake Keep it Real

    If there are comments without my gravator THEY ARE NOT FROM ME! He’s trying to start shyt. Fight your own battles coward! What’s the matter your scared to come out and debate?

    When you are a child you think and act like a child. When you are an adult you think and act like an adult and set aside childish things.

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