SMH: Man Tries To Exchange His 3-Month-Old Baby Girl For A 40 Oz…

- By Bossip Staff

The world is officially turning to sh*t. BOSSIP has learned that some fool tried to trade in his baby for a couple of 40 ounces in Massachusetts:

Chicopee police say a man faces a child endangerment charge after allegedly offering to swap his 3-month-old daughter for a pair of 40-ounce beers. Police say 24-year-old Matthew Brace of Northampton made the offer to a maintenance man outside a gas station convenience store on Monday. The maintenance man called police, who say they found Brace hiding with the girl behind a trash container.

State child welfare officials took the baby into custody. Police say Brace was not arrested but will be summoned to court to face a charge of reckless endangerment of a child. The child’s mother was in the store at the time buying cigarettes. She has not been charged.

A phone number for Brace could not immediately be located.

For real, some people really should NOT be allowed to have children. WTF.


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    What in the shyt is goin’ on with these mofos?!

  • Choco

    The end of the world….

  • We "Blacks" Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites

    *buys man the 40 oz and takes the baby anyway to live in a decent home where people care about her and would never barter her off like chattel because we know ALL about the degrading effects of that*

    Now that poor baby might be shuffled off to foster homes where she might be traded for other more nefarious and demonic purposes.

  • n

    THERE GOES MY BABY..i can’t beelee Ye did this to me. Huuuh.

  • MATIX B( the real Canadian DIVA)

    This is why is moved to Canada. Not saying that this can’t happen here, but WTF????SMFH WTF????

    I would adopt that baby if I had half a chance. Pray for the baby! WTF ??????SMFH????

  • resurrected

    Woman stop leaving your babies with their daddies if you know up top that he has issues.. Even if you fall into a bad place with selection the wrong person to have a baby with then you put understand that it is your responsiblity to step up your game and keep it up or do us all a favor and don’t have that child. Even be the mother that is needed or don’t have any child if you know that you are not ready for the responsiblity of parenthood…

  • seasesedeS

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    It is BlackWhiteDate.c0m All singles there are seeking interracial relationships. Interracial is not a problem there, but a great merit to cherish!


    Who still drinks 40’s?


  • n

    Amber Ye? Really?? Heartless ?!#&~

  • resurrected


    I will be there with you in the next three years and I feel that God is telling me to leave this country because I don’t want to be brainwashed or messed up by another person who just don’t give a Fk.. We do not see how our country is trying to lead our minds and habit into a certain direction but I see it loud and clear….

  • Mscreative

    Damn  that’s crazy⑅⑅⑅⑅ WTF◀◀◀◀◀

  • Jamie Everett

    I bleave he shud hve ben locked up dat nite

  • Marquis de Sade

    Hmmm, sounds like a reasonable trade…Afterall, AN EVEN SWAP AIN’T NO SWINDLE :lol

  • resurrected

    Marquis de Sade

    With the way that you talk have you swapped woman for men?

  • MATIX B( the real Canadian DIVA)

    resurrected/CocO: My father is a Jamaican American who played football for the Canadian Football League in the 70’s. He met my mother In Canada ….long story short they have been together up until my adult life. I had a choice to go to college in the states or up here in Canada. I choose Canada because it is a lot cheaper to educate yourself ( four year degree is about $25,000 depending on your program and where the school is) I have lived in NYC, DC (stand up south side) and New Orleans (where my father lives now) None of these places can compare to the standard of living that I enjoy now. The economy is stable, there are plenty of gainful careers to pursue and the education system is decent. So raising a family is Ideal up here with lots of schools of all faiths and ideologies, clean air, and green space for kids to play.
    The only thing that kills us is the taxes! We are the highest taxed country in North America but we do enjoy “free” health care and a decent life.

  • HF (The ORIGINAL Champ...accept no substitutes) ®


    Not even Billy Dee Williams woulda went that far.

  • ReALiSt AKA ReALeSt (FiRsT tHeY LoVeD mE..NoW tHeY hAtE mE!! I'm JuSt A bLaCkMaN!!!)


  • Choco

    Wow thanks for informing me maybe I should consider a move : ) I kid I love where I’m from : )

  • resurrected

    MATIX B(the real Canadian DIVA)

    Well I want to move to Canada because in essence it is still a different government who still seems to care about the wellness of there people. I am still researching it as we speak but there government still seems to carry some kind of standards that not built off of lies and manipulation but I know that they whole world is changing. Like you said it is clean very little crime better education then in the United States. And everyone that I meet from there seems to love it and gives me a better image of the living conditions of Canada.. Nothing is perfect but still not every place is crooked as chit either tying to find a better balance then we has here in the US…Plus there do have a large number of black and Caribbean people that move there…

  • Marquis de Sade


    Yeah, but at least you get a lot of bang for your taxes. In Cali, if you make over 47,000 a year, you’re in the highest tax bracket to the tune of 10% (in state taxes w/held) per paycheck, and when you factor in federal and other taxes, your PPO, 401k, etc., most folks are livin’ hand to mouth.

  • MATIX B( the real Canadian DIVA)

    Marquis de Sade: You’re right we do get a lot back. If you are a single mother the government pays for your child care, we have all day Kindergarten so working families can manage, but we need more educated brothers and sisters up here.

  • resurrected

    Matrix B

    Not sure how long the separation of Canada and the US will last with the builing of the Super Highway because it is not being build for nothing but I think I would rather spend the rest of my normal years there and build an image of success from there.

  • MATIX B( the real Canadian DIVA)

    resurrected: I live in Toronto but the Western side of Canada is booming. Cost of living you will find is higher than most American Cities but your income makes up the difference. There are plenty of people from the Caribbean and Africa just like NYC. Montreal is the best city in Canada in my opinion because of the diversity and cultural differences. You will may find it very Eurocentric but not in the “Kill Africans” way.

  • MATIX B( the real Canadian DIVA)

    Let me know if you need more information about imigration. Nafta is not sao bad after all.

  • resurrected


    I wanted to live in Toronto or Orenio because they looked still like a very city environment but you said Montreal well do they speak mostly English there or French? Well what other place or cities are a good choice for Canada?

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