Victim Of A Lace Front Gone Wrong!!!: Kelly Rowland

- By Bossip Staff

Kelly Rowland performed at The World Music Awards with this _____________ on the top of her head. Before walking out the room, it should have gone something like this: Oufit – Check, Shoes – Check, Make-Up – Check, Lace Front —EHHH WRONG!!!

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  • 1987

    Kellz wigs always look like they cost 59.99, just do urself a favor and wear a weave.

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    Poor Kelly, she can never get the hair or the look together.


  • It Is What It Is...

    Thats just wrong on so many levels

  • Nique (Life in the Fab Lane)

    She has 2 much money 2 be making this many mistakes-I’d expect this from a “kitchen hookup”…

  • phatcakes

    Aw poor baby…She’s a very beautiful woman. But i think she don’t have the rt team behind her.

    Kelly baby…..YOU NEED HELP…S.O.S!

  • PootyPoo

    Pretty girl gone wrong:< Even though it isn't a crime nor a sin to wear a weave her hair is too much!! Kelly reminds me of a young Dianna Ross.

  • rain

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  • dayg715

    as if beyonce’s rat’s nest looks any better…

  • ????

    LMAO..It looks like the man in the picture if looking at the glue on her lace front.

  • Macori

    I think it looks good. But her natural hair in a short cut looks better.

  • Bossip Sucks

    What, you never seen a women with an English Sheepdog taking a nap on her head before?

  • Jordana216

    Kelly girl! No! You’re so pretty and talented, but that wig, that wig, smdh! Girl please get yourself together b/c your hair is making you look ridiculous and u have too much talent for all that!

  • Nique (Life in the Fab Lane)


    LMMFAO! Im mad u already started using that sh!!t! lol

  • ***JUDY***

    Kelly is so pretty but some of those wigs do overpower her.


    SMH ;(

  • REE

    Agree with most of the folks on here. Kelly is pretty but her lacefronts are always jacked up. SMH

  • Over it...

    Its a d@mn shame that her people let her walk out the door looking like that….they saw her looking a mess!

  • The Reckless Socialite

    When I go out and stay out all night my lace front looks like that when I wake up … LMAO

  • Winty F. Baby (American Indian, Creole, Black Mix)

    Kelly has always been very awkward when it comes to anything pertaining to fashion!

  • lattho

    why is no one commenting on what she has on. the half pant half shorts is not working either. she has great legs…just where the shorts. and a BIG no to the hair.

  • daahlingnikki

    I love Kelly but that Wizard of Oz cowardly lion hairdo has to go…Thats how you know she has no friends…because a true friend would’ve stopped her and told her take that chia pet off your head..

  • MATIX B( the real Canadian DIVA)

    I am so mad at Kelly right now. She is so used to being second or third fiddle that she can’t fathom seeing herself as beautiful as she really is. She doesn’t need a wig or a weave, her short styles were so cute and hella trendy waaay before everyone started cutting their hair.
    She needs some self esteem and a mirror so she can realize what real beauty is, maybe then she’ll stop trying to be the poor man’s BEYONCE!

  • TheOriginalBlkBarbie

    Terrible. Why Kelly? Why.

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    KELLLLLY…we’re rooting for you, but you have to believe in yourself! I mean, the damn glue is showing, for Christ’s sake! #CMONSON!

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