Who Is My Mommy?

- By Bossip Staff

This little guy has been getting lots of tabloid love lately. Can you guess who his Hollyweird mom is? Pop the hood to find out

Little Louis Bardo Bullock has been bringing a little sunshine into Sandra Bullock’s life (and a little controversy). He’s pretty damn adorable if you ask us, although we’re trying our best to overlook that weird faded hairline thing he has going!

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  • Butterscotch™

    Hs is a BEAUTIFUL baby!

  • queen

    S e e k i n g A f f l u e n t c O m is a place for like-minded people who understand that intelligence, success and drive are key elements to attraction.


    i knew it!!! what a cutie pie!!!!

  • http://www.k.com n

    DAAAAANG, she was discussed today at work. They wer elike, “she’s so beautiful, and he just cheated like that UGH,did you see the girl he cheated with?

  • I'm Just Me... Keeping it Real Since: 1983...EXPECTING

    I was going to say Kimora Lee’s baby.

    Guess not.

    Adorabole nonetheless.

  • http://www.k.com n

    then they gushed over the new Candie’s pajam sets SMH!

  • Shamerika


  • Luvn_Life

    i knew it was little Louie,lol
    aaaaaaaWH he’s adorable,as long as she’s happy and she takes care of him to the best of her ability – good for her.May God Bless Her

  • Here to Share Knowledge, Not argue with you

    I knew that was little Louie!!! I could just love on him all day…..

  • GotYou

    Oh all the celebrities out there adopting children, Black, white, Asian or other – I feel that Sandra has gone about it the proper way. Home inspections, background checks and the like. She did this from the heart – and not only that she adopted a child from the U.S. where adoption agencies find it hard to place children with so many going to our countries to adopt – due to the fact that we make people go through the steps that Sandra went through for nearly five years.

    So KUDOS for Sandra for doing it the right way and from Louisiana – – – a Black male child which are the hardest children in adoption to find homes. Now as others have said where are the BLACK celebs stepping up to the plate to adopt?

  • http://l.yimg.com/g/images/spaceball.gif LuvN_Life

    oh my

  • B3 Fearless

    I knew it was Louie! He’s so adorable!

    Defintely worth the 3 year wait Sandra had to endure.

  • Mr.uPPeR CuTTs

    oh god.. another 1.

  • Bun Babylon

    @ That BK Chick

    *dropped the mic down*

    heavy post. Match done. Game Over. I cosign!

  • http://thablackyoutube.com thablackyoutube

    He’s a cutie!!

  • redbonekillbill

    Louie is just too cute!!! I’m glad the mother did what was best for whatever the situation was but there is no way I could give my child up…I’d have to make it period.

  • Somali Ninga

    Gorgeous nappy-headed baby!! 😀

  • Horse.Head.Nebula

    total cutie. OK Sanaa, Nia, Gabrielle, Vivica…. Taraji…… Zoe….Latifah…..Angela….any other bl@ck folks with money… geez… do something! And I dont mean for a TAX BREAK dammit

  • Sha

    Cleveland Brown’s Wife 🙂

  • yvette

    I am happy for Sandra that she adopted a baby and I am sure she is a great mom; However, my issue is that she waited until her “filing for divorce” announcement before she brought little Louie to the limelight.

    That’s like saying I can’t be a racist,I adopted a black baby.

    Just my two-cents though.

  • Reality

    As a black male I would find it hard to adopt someone else’s child. Relatives and neighbors I have known for years yes. I commend her for waiting that long and protecting the baby from her monster of an ex-husband.

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  • creamlady

    cute baby

  • Peeps Always Talkin'

    There are 3 people on here that made ignorant a** comments.@bkchump & @horsemouth.You both want to talk about some of the black actresses who haven’t adopted but say nothing about the many white actresses who haven’t apodted either.I don’t understand why ignorant a** people always want to down the black race but constantly uplift the almighty yt.@horsemouth.A stupid,Zoe is not black she’s dominican,get it right!

  • BlackRob

    Sandra Bullock is very familiar with Black folks. She grew right here in the D.C. area. I don’t think she is talking about the baby now to prove she is not a racist. She knew it would be coming up in the divorce. Big ups to Sandra..

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