*Bossip Exclusive* Chris Brown Loves Hollyweird Hoes: “When He Was Shooting The Video With Tyga In Cali… He Was Knocking Them Down 5 A DAY & Orgies!”

- By Bossip Staff

California Bossip Ear Hustlers tell us Breezy is a borderline Male-Ho/Nympho. The sources say Chris Brown’s Cali time is spent with him knee deep in  ho-womb:

Source: “He was at the video shoot with Tyga taking them back to the crib, back to the criiiiib, yeaaaah! He had one Latin girl that looked like she was sucking himoff in front of the whole damn video shoot and another dark skinned girl that was almost naked. Both of the girls… him and his blood staff “cooled down” inside the house we were at.

The whole day he was taking them inside the house one by one, after whispering some words in their ears. We were asked if we wanted to do something… but declined.”

Another Bossip Source said, “He has a problem man… he was screwing with so many girls with these blood n*ggas he hangs around with… we were wondering if he might catch something. He was working four females at a time and doing five in one night at one of the houses he stays at!”

“Chris is nasty,” a third source told BOSSIP exclusively. “We hung out with him a couple times, but when he tried to get too freaky with us… we had to bounce. He had females staying in several rooms at the spot we were at. He was walking around crazily like it was some kind of harem. All kinds of moaning and groaning, sex parties, and freaks!”

WOW… This is crazy. We were gonna ask if Draya knew about this, then we remembered from her KING interview that she doesn’t mind getting frisky with other ladies when she’s had a few drinks.

Still, if this is true, Chris better slow his roll.

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  • http://twitter.com/thugpundit Clarkekent3000

    That’s what he was SUPPOSED to do!
    No ring no worries!

  • LuvN_Life

    SO what,he;s single ad he’s not in any type of commited relationship.
    make it do what it do chris BreezY

  • This is stupid

    Eh, he’s a young man.

  • veola


  • LuvN_Life


  • ImJustSyain

    I’d do him. *giggles*… But hey I’m just sayin


    Okay, you just described more than half the young fools in the music industry…this shyt ain’t news.

  • SoulSista

    Hmm well considering he effed up his career im sure he is now turning to screwing random women to feel good about himself…oh well…

  • http:chokolatemilk.blogspot.com Choco

    Naaah that’s not what he is supposed to do Chris is trying to fill a void by having all these women one day he will have to face the music of what’s truly ailing him

  • waka waka

    Bang until your yang falls off pimp!!!!

  • candi

    funny how some say “that’s what he’s supposed to do he’s single”, but had this been a story about a female she would most certainly be called a h.o.e all up and down this post. i could care less about who someone is sleeping with. it seems others are very concerned and quick to judge. that’s life i guess.

  • http://logicvigilante.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/kanyewestentourage1.jpg Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

    He’s a 21 year old young man that’s handsome, has money & fame = that’s what some of them do!?!?!

    *shrugs shoulders*

    He’s just doing what a number of young men in his position would do if they could = just whisper in a females’ ear and be able to hit…

  • uh...oh ....

    Rhi-rhi must be one girl to get over.

  • Chung

    Man ho

  • bossip is where haters rejoice


  • Not Important

    Get it boy!

  • eazy e

    also go easy on the “blood” affliation here in l.a there are some serious crip sets here in the land of o.g’s and they aint no “celebrity ” gangsters….these brothers will catch you slipping in one of these clubs and get you all caught up…crips like 40 glocc and spider loc love to set out of town “stars’ up ask baby and lil wayne.

  • Spoke the Truth

    his career is already in the dump and soon his position as well. I guess he just wants to pipe as many females as possible as long as he still has a name to be recognized for. Death of Chris Brown’s career, a desperate young man, without guidance and hope, oh well, at-least he’s not paying like bow wow.

  • Mimi

    Those of you saying “he’s single and that this is what he’s supposed to do” know good and well that if it was a female, you’d be calling her a sl*t and a h*e.

  • Lady Shady

    If he catches something i hope he becomes an example and speaks out against not using condoms. that’s what he’s good for.


    All I can say is that ya heard it here first! I told them Thirsty azz BURDS last night that This cat was grimy as hell, but all I heard was “Chris is a christian! HE wouldn’t chop down no SNOWBUNNY!! Daywalker, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU TALKIN BOUT!”

    Well I guess I did after all, huh?? 😈

  • Sabrina

    Daywalker Stalking!

  • 5'10"STUNNER


  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!!!

    I don’t even care 4 him but I’d prolly be doing the same thing if I had his money & fame and u dudes would too.

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!!!

    Women, don’t act like some double standards don’t work in ya’ll favor so cut it out, let that kid enjoy his fame.

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