Quote Of The Day: Nicholas Cage Says “I Eat According To The Way Animals Have Sex”

- By Bossip Staff

Some folks have an appetite for sex, others just have a healthy appetite. But the great actor Nicolas Cage only has an appetite for animals who have dignified sex… WTF??? Pop the Hood for details.

Cage recently admitted that he only eats animals whose sex lives he respects.

“I love all animals,” Cage tells U.K.’s The Sun. “I actually choose the way I eat according to the way animals have sex.”

While he stays away from pork, the actor says he favors eating fish and birds because they are “very dignified with sex.”

“I have a fascination with fish, birds, whales – sentient life – insects, reptiles,” he adds

What? Where They Do THAT At? We don’t know about y’all, but the last thing on our minds during a meal is how the animal on the plate had sex RIGHT!

Guess we can see why folks say Cage is TRULY an animal lover. It’s even been rumored that he used to own an octopus. What sane person keeps a octopus in their house????

Well Nicolas, we guess you if you’re not getting any, at least you can be content that your food’s been getting it on to your satisfaction!


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  • http://stewartsynopsis.com/Site%20Index.htm We "Blacks" Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites

    Is this TMZ? Why is this snow monkey being posted? I don’t care about genetic recessives and if I wanted to read about someone with a calcified pineal gland, I’d traipse over to Gawker or Perez Hilton.

  • White Rob

    Thats my man. Nick Cage always up to somthin wild.

  • White Rob

    @ we black the real..

    genetic recessives ruling the world for 3000 years.

    Ill take it.

  • http://stewartsynopsis.com/Site%20Index.htm We "Blacks" Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites

    3000 years? Try 300. You’re a blip on the screen of the human existence. While Africa, China, India and South America were building civilizations with monuments and buildings still in evidence today, your people were throwing around some rocks called Stonehenge. 🙂

    LOL@genetic recessives ruling for 3000 years.

    Oh that’s rich. That Croesus rich.

  • education is key

    he’s crazy…certifiable insane … lol

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    i’ve always heard he’s um….different!

  • chisis08

    “this quote makes me look at him with beady eyes!”

    Actually went into a raucous laughter readin that. Thanks for startin my Friday off right!

  • cruzan trini

    I am not at all surprised by what Nick Cage says. It is obvious he is not right in the head. He bought a pyramid shaped tomb to bury himself in.

    On a positive note, I liked him in Leaving Las Vegas, great performance.

  • Xster

    Another dummy…

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