Something Is Still Wrong With This Picture

- By Bossip Staff

Damn, we thought Sammy “Soft White” Sosa went back to the ‘darker side.’ Buddy isn’t as light bright as he was before, but he is looking a little conked up and painted on to us still. Hopefully he can get it together soon. Poor thang.

More pics of Sammy coupled up with his wifey Sonia at the People En Espanol party on the flippy…

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  • Macori

    Maybe he is sick. He looks like it.

  • BiGMan

    Self-hating black…SMH…OH srry forgot…He’s not black but Dominican…LOLOL…stupid puntas

  • d rock


  • rain

    DOMINi don’t want to be called black, especailly that darker completed ones,when they come to America or Arizona there gonna be racially profiled just like the rest of us

  • http://deleted white male

    why don’t you guys just leave sammy alone?

  • http://TEETEE Tina

    He looks ok to me…

  • Special

    He looks like he has AIDS 😦 & bad acne double 😦 😦

  • Epic

    Hey looks like the color is coming back. Leave him be.

  • BiGMan

    @ white male because we have an opinion just like hell no we not going to leave sammy alone…..self hating punta…(srry I’m not black but dominicana)..illiterate Dominicana…srry I’m not black but american..retards lolol.

    Nationality-the status of belonging to a particular nation, whether by birth or naturalization (

    Race-a group of persons related by common descent or heredity.
    any of the traditional divisions of humankind, the commonest being the Caucasian, Mongoloid, and Negro, characterized by supposedly distinctive and universal… (

    Funny thing about people from Dominica Republic some of them despise Haitians but in the diaspora Haitian do much better than them from education attainment to wealth..

  • CaribbeanJah

    Ha Ha… Ha… LMAO… This guy must really hate himself or he’s got that MJ disease…

  • fool of a tooke!

    Ew. His eyes are the same color as his skin.

  • blackJaguaress

    wow! he lightened up to match wifey’s complexion.Maybe she was complaining that he was too dark.SMH at his inferiority complex!

  • ReALiSt AKA ReALeSt (ThE sYsTeM iS DeSiGn To KeEp ThE 3rD eYe BLiNd)

    Gaywalker’s half brother – gaydream has been exposed!!!

  • drenk


  • lovelybubbly

    I just don’t get it there was nothing wrong with him when he was dark just like the late Micheal Jackson when he did Billie Jean and Beat it he was dark he was looking good they have a complex that’s self imposed don’t get it.

  • UniquelyMe

    This “news” is irrelevant & stale, so forgot Sammy. On to other things, what is his wife wearing? Silver wide-legged jumpsuit completed with a matching belt? What is this, 1975?!

  • ArielleKayEmme

    …He looks God awful…SMH

  • Clarkekent3000

    What are you the identity police?
    Whatever issues Sosa has (and there are plenty),they are his to work through!

  • darealistlifepartner

    Good Morning Mr Realist!
    Mrs. Realist really misses you in bed. come lay back down boobie!

  • FiveStar

    At least he took those contacts out…he still he needs a tan, though.

  • ErycaK

    His eyes looks like he has jaundice.. Maybe he was sick.

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    He looks sick, and WTF is his wife wearing, a sharkskin jumpsuit?!

  • CriticXtreme

    F-N shame when those of dark skin want to “switch” to try to be accepted by the white race.

  • Just Bored

    Thank goodness for sun and vitamins. He was looking sickly for a while. He’s still looking a little washed out, but better than the last pic I saw of him.

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