Andre Leon Talley Swirling It Up And Choppin’ Em Down — With A White Woman?!?

- By Bossip Staff

Granny’s usually know what is what — but in Andre Leon Talley’s case, grandma must have just been in denial. Pop the hood for his story about how his grandmother tried to cut his Vogue internship short because she thought he was getting some of that forbidden fruit! Details on the flippy

Last weekend, Vogue’s contributing editor Andre Leon Talley led a Q&A session with designer Diane von Furstenberg at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where he told the following story from his internship days with legendary editor Diana Vreeland:

She gave me more things to do—go do this, and go do that. I learned so much. The best thing was that after the [Metropolitan Museum of Art] show, she took me into her office and said to me, “You will not go home over Christmas. You will stay in New York. It will happen for you. You cannot go home over Christmas.”

I’d never been away from home for Christmas. But I said, “Okay Mrs. Vreeland, I will stay in New York.”

So I had a very bleak Christmas.

Christmas Eve, I was in my friend’s apartment—he’d gone to his parents’ house—and there was nothing in the cupboard to eat. There was Hershey’s chocolate syrup, so I took a can opener and opened it. And this beautiful silver spoon. And I just sat there, eating Hershey’s chocolate syrup.

And the telephone rings and it’s my grandmother. She said, “How are you?”

“I’m fine.”

“I’m sending your father right now, he’s driving up in the night to come get you. He’s bringing you home for Christmas.”

I said, “I’m fine. Mrs. Vreeland said I can’t go home.”

“No no no, your father is coming in the car, overnight. You’re coming home.”

I said, “Everything’s fine, why do I have to go home?”

“I want you home,” she said. “Because I know exactly what you’re doing.”

I said, “What is that?”

“You’re sleeping with a white woman!”

Pure comedy for reals! Guess Granny probably got a clue once he started rockin’ those “interesting getups”.


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  • education is key

    Why in the world does the fashion industry hire gay men who dress like fools to dress women?? It should be illegal to hire them. Really.

  • Bun Babylon

    haha.. denial is a muhgg

  • mrs. glenda sumo


  • nyob

    Vreeland had to be as old as his grandma at that point in his career. Some people just don’t see what is right in front of them. I guess that was what was going on with his granny.

  • ReALiSt AKA ReALeSt (ThE sYsTeM iS DeSiGnEd To KeEp ThE 3rD eYe BLiNd)

    LMAO!!! Black women shouldn’t worry about this fruit azz grandpa with them funny azz shoes..

  • tj

    The woman in the picture is Diane von Furstenberg. A HUGE name in the fashion world. She created the wrap dress back in the 70’s I think. They’re old friends not lovers.

  • Chucky

    tj did you read the post or just look at the pictures?

  • juliemango

    Chucky lol> al grans musta meant a dragqueen!!!

  • Shemander

    *rolls eyes* I don’t see anything wrong with homosexuals in the fashion industry…hayell, seems like they make better clothing anyway. All yall homophobes need to sit down somewhere. We are not living in ancient times. Who someone is doing is none of your concern and he’s rich and certainly not checking for you boo boo. lmmfao

  • daahlingnikki

    his grandmother must’ve been in denial because even stevie w can see this sausage king is not into having sexual relations with women…of any race…

  • sholla21

    lol. Granny was going to keep him away from the white girls by any means necessary. It’s the white boys she should have been worried about.

    On another note, interesting choice of shoes Leo…

  • Buttacupp

    I seen an old lady walkin down the street wearin those same ballerina flats he got on, lols

  • Ayanna

    Only black people tear down our own icons. You see white people EVER dissing Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, or anyone else they admire? NO! But we let them tear down our icons, and we do so ourselves. Self hatred is a muthaf.ucker.

  • kalifa

    stink homo

  • kalifa

    Icon is a word thrown around loosely by silly children who have no idea what it means. An Icon should be worthy of respect and admiration because of their great contribution to a field but they should also have good morals and values.

    Talley is a flaming homo who judges what is beautiful and what is not. What’s so spectacular about that? He kisses the a$$es of rich, white socialites and licks the $hitty a$$es of his male lovers.

    not worth any respect or admiration for that

  • Fashionisforazzhoes

    Who f ucken cares

  • Fashionisforazzhoes

    Lmao at the dumazzes do you know who the old hag is she the fashion blah blah who fkn cares does she put food on your plate

    The fashion world is full of racist azzhoes ad the sh it they make looks just like sh it most smart people rather be caught dead with a full

    bank account than most of the ugly sh it the fashion world thinks is so important fashion is full of fake azzholes

  • Ayanna

    kalifa, as I said before, Self hatred is a b.i.t.c.h. There are tons of flaming homos in the fashion world. But of course because Andre is black, we have to sit here and hate on him. Kissing socialites “white” a**es?? well, I’m sorry to break it to you dear but that is PAR FOR THE COURSE in the fashion industry.

  • R_U_Trying_To_Prove_Her_Right?

    Eviserating “icons” is a blood sport among white comedians in comedy clubs.

    Ever read the blog “Wonkette” or listened to “shock jock” radio?

    Demolishing WHITE (and red and yellow and black and brown) “icons” is their whole reason for BEING.

  • twister

    are we really supposed to believe tht this effete orangutang is some kind of ladies man?….and those shoes….come on son!!!

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  • witeshoes

    You just can’t win for losing…this woman took him under her wing and help him become very successful. All people can comment on is his sexuality.

  • Gym CamelToe

    Thats his date, not his Lover

  • lily

    Reading is essential…………

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