Look Who Has Crawled Out From Under The “Where Are You Yeezy” Rock…

- By Bossip Staff

Kanye West spotted in NYC with Kid Cudi and his girlfriend Jamie, and BOSSIP has the scoop on Yeezy and Amber…

Another image of Ye’ in Soho and more info under the hood..

According to a source close to their camp, Kanye West and Amber Rose have been broken up for at least 4 weeks now, and Amber’s little trickery she’s been pulling (blackmailing, threats, and bullsh*t) hasn’t been working. More details to come….

Photo Credit: William Yan

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    First! And someone should tell that chick that WONDER WOMAN wants her pants back!!! 😆

  • Love Is All We Need

    husband in my head! I missed you sooo sooo much ‘Ye! where the hell you been? & why youame to ny & din’t give a sister a heads up so I could come see you boo? lol

    Well if he ditched Amber, then that would explain why she’s taing pics with tila tequia…….lol

  • Love Is All We Need


  • Nola bound

    I never liked amber for ye, for Lil Wayne, yes. She seems like perfect trash. She is a no good, can’t bring home to meet the family type. I don’t know what he saw in her, everyone saw that coming.


    Part of me has always had a crush on Kanye. A crush like fantasy. *blushes*

  • Natasy

    Yeezy please come back…..hard. #thatisall

  • Magc

    At least he was smart enough not to wife her and not to get her pregnant. She was good for some sex. And Kanye gets to keep his money. Guess she has to go back to hooking now. No more all expense paid trips!

  • Ara


  • Shakera

    I love Kanye! He is def my husband in my head <3. Im soooo happy he finally left Amber. Although I do like her she is NOT the one for him. I think I'd rather see him with Rihanna!

  • Kutta Mo.Fo

    He looks like he’s been locked away in a room hard at work for quite some time. Happy to see he’s good. Even happier to see he’s done with Amber, maybe he finally realized she wasn’t worth nothing more than surface value. Can’t wait for the new album Yeezy. It better be a ‘Good A.ss Job’!!

  • bealady

    The best move Kanye’s made all year. Getting rid of that trash. I’m just saying….IS this really the girl he would take home for his mother to meet if she were alive. I hope he’s reflecting and getting himself together mentally. Getting over the death of a parent can NOT be easy. We still luv you Ye.

  • Older But In Good Form

    still feelin it ….

  • thesaneone

    can’t wait for kanye’s comeback…love this man and his music.

  • lovelybubbly

    Kanye actually looks better since he took a break I hope he can recover his career after the Taylor Swift fiasco.

  • http://deleted white male

    Kanye should date Lebron’s mom

  • wow

    amber wasn’t even a cute gurl….guess he showed her

    damn know she gonna miss dat gud life tho

    i wonder if she still gonna get jobs wit da industry like modeling

  • http://unlimitedwhispers.com Deirdre B Pride

    I bet it was what she did with water-head Tila. That bish is poison.

  • juliemango

    Ye looks quite serious!!!

  • OMG

    A little more hide out time might be good. A little more counseling. A little more meditation is quite alright.

  • -_________________-

    Well since she has been all over the blogs and she is known ..I doubt she will have a problem bagging another celeb

  • At Last

    Yeezy comes out of hiding …..

  • Shanna

    …and THIS would EXPLAIN why SHE won’t DO interviews and thinks its COOL not to do so. BETOCH PLEASE. Broad just doesn’t want the LIMELIGHT to shield -too late……I guess the LIGHT will finally be turned off, smh. No wonder ALSO why she’s been putting on WEIGHT, stress will do that for you. Bottom line Yeezy got tired of “paying and speaking for it” But This didn’t really NEED comfirmation, we KNEW this last month, I mean who has a boyfriend but you never see them together?! NO one. Next!
    Can’t wait for the album. WE LOVE YOU YEEZY!

  • Karen

    That’s what he gets for messing with hoes.

  • pebblebeach

    Guess we will see Amber on the Pole now that she has lost her meal ticket…but hey, some fool will give her another ticket…

  • J.


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