R.I.P: Brittany Murphy’s Widower Found Dead Sunday Night

- By Bossip Staff

Simon Monjack — widower of Brittany Murphy — was found dead late Sunday night at his home in the Hollywood Hills — the same home where his wife Brittany Murphy collapsed and eventually died 5 months earlier — and both bodies were discovered by the same woman. Law enforcement sources say Brittany’s mother, Sharon Murphy, found Monjack unconscious in the master bedroom around 9:30PM, and then called 911.

Monjack was pronounced dead sometime after paramedics arrived … when resuscitation efforts failed. Monjack reportedly died from cardiac arrest, though nothing officially has been determined.

The similarities are remarkable . Murphy was found unconscious by her mother Sharon. Sharon found Simon unconscious as well. Murphy was found in the master bathroom. Simon was found in the master bedroom of the same home. Paramedics administered CPR to Simon. Simon administered CPR to Brittany. And they may have both died from cardiac arrest … 5 months apart.

A death investigation is underway.

UPDATE 5:15AM PDT: Law enforcement sources tell us prescription bottles were found in the house (as they were when Brittany died), but there were no illegal drugs. There is no sign of suicide or foul play … as a result LAPD has closed their investigation. It’s all in the coroner’s hands now.



Read more: http://www.tmz.com/#ixzz0oqoOg2F3

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  • Buttacupp

    They were gonna get too close to the truth…

    but this is very strange AND sad.

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  • Tangie

    That’s sad….. RIP to both of them 😦


    He had a broken heart.. ;(

  • drenk

    i feel bad for brittany’s mom she keeps stumbling across unconscious, non-responsive bodies

  • Dirty Diana...Let Me Be ♪

    strange, very strange!

  • Glok...All we do iz Spark Mad Izm!!


  • Educate yourself

    Sounds fishy

  • CriticXtreme

    Something is not right here. The same person finds 2 dead people?

  • follow me @JustinesTheName

    I think it is a little fishy and maybe he did just die of a broken heart…whats going on in Hollywood???

  • tg

    Too sad about both of them. RIP together, hopefully.

  • Lose15pounds

    Sounds like a suicide…

    Lose 15 pounds in 15 Days only @ Heal Zoo . Com

  • Jasira

    Prolly killed himself. Very sad. I read in EDPS that men take the death of their spouses much harder than women do…


    prescription drug abuse is a VERY big epidemic….not b/c is ‘prescribed’ don’t mean the drugs are needed or bein’ taken properly!!!!

    THIS DON’T MAKE NO DAMN SENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    sounds too neat and clean to be wrapped up so quickly?? don’t know about mom…

  • Here to Share Knowledge, Not argue with you

    WOW…makes my poor little ambien dependency look like nothing at all…I don’t know what these people are so afraid of life for….they have so many opportunities that normal people don’t have and they do nothing with it….nothing…SMH

  • drenk

    5/24/10, 10:06:am

    prescription drug abuse is a VERY big epidemic….not b/c is ‘prescribed’ don’t mean the drugs are needed or bein’ taken properly!!!!

    THIS DON’T MAKE NO DAMN SENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    VERY GOOD POINT, the “war” on drugs seems to have missed these “enemies” after billions wasted

  • HF (The ORIGINAL Champ...accept no substitutes) ®

    Hmmm… My Spidey-sense is tingling.

    The SAME woman found both bodies in the SAME room, in the SAME condition?

    U have a better chance at getting struck by lightning.

    Who’s the insurance benefactor? Just askin’…


  • a black man

    if my wife died i would of killed my self too 😦

  • http://www.k.com n

    dang…i can’t even imagine.

  • MJfan4LIFE

    I think he was just to heart broken to live without Brit. R.I.P

  • redbonekillbill

    Damn that’s creepy…RIP

  • http://bossip ******

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  • cece

    such a sad story…he died from a broken heart it happens sometimes.

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