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Black Folks In South Central React To Justin Bieber Being Nominated For BET Award!: CLICK HERE

Too Controversial Never Seen Before Boondocks Season 3 Promo “Jimmy Rebel”: CLICK HERE

Vince Carter Explains Brother’s Drug Addiction And Affect On Family: CLICK HERE

Justin Bieber Walks Into Glass And Hits His Dome On Camera!!: CLICK HERE

Permed Up Al Sharpton Calls Out The Whole “D” In Police Shooting Death Of 7-Yr Old At The Girls Funeral: CLICK HERE

Nas About Hip Hop “It Ain’t The Music Business, It’s The N*ggas Putting Out Garbage”: CLICK HERE

Rihanna Performs 8-Songs At Radio 1’s Big Week-End: CLICK HERE

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  • MrsC

    LOLOLOL!!! I was looking at that pony tail too! Man oh man, That’s magic right there.
    Where dey do dat at?

  • Yun Dun Know


    Hahahahahahahahaha…you are TOO funny!! Where dey do dat at????


    Girl, who in the hell knows!!! She should get a wig instead…..and I’m mad none of her friends or family told her how she looked. SMH

  • se

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  • Smittyt

    It’s funny how the news media can find the ugliest black people to stick a camera in front of, DAMN that old hen is through!!!

  • !!!!!


  • wow


    I was just going to post that because everytime black people are on the news they will find the ugliest one. And white ppl have been on BET before and has been nominated. Ppl are making a big deal over nothing.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    i’m still trying to figure out if it’s a man or woman??? they were wrong for that DAMN SHAME!!

  • Sha

    @wow & smittyt
    That’s how they do SMH @ the media….

    I feel bad for the lady, she probably thinks it looks nice too 😦

  • smh

    That lady is practically bald, and the hair taped to her scalp should be thrown in the trash, maybe burnt.

    The ugly ones are the ones who want to go on camera the most, they need some love too.

  • tg

    BET may stand for BLACK ENTERTAINMENT, etc. – but we all know the deal with that. Just another company EXPLOITING black whenever & every which way – anyway. So I could give a flying FREAK if this kid won their award. If he entertained well and everyone seems to love him – then he deserved it. Must we turn everything into a black/white issue. Most of the issues in this site are a crock of shyt – ANYWAY. Definitely like to get people riled up or dark/light – black/white. It’s stupid – but they do have a lot of stupid followers.


    Now how can y’all deny the existence of UFO’s when you see there is a Klingon living right there in South Central.

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