Video Hoes And Old Head Athletes Unite For A Good Cause

- By Bossip Staff

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  • Keep it Real

    There’s nothing more pathetic than than a gold digger who didn’t strike gold.

    After a certain age, when the dust clears, she comes to the realization that she’s now just a used broken down has been around the way girl. That’s when she gets the bright idea that she wants a good black man to settle down with. Unfortunately, after all of those years and after all of those miles on her azz he doesn’t want her. 😦

  • Casper

    Hahahaahaaaa.. That is funny Human Racist


    Pretty girls stop hatin’ women always throw rocks at pretty women. I like to congratulate. Haha Snoop always make me laff

  • Bey-nonsense

    i thought chick w/the blond hair was superhead. lol

  • evelyn z

    dollicia is a dead ringer for superhead…they are chasing that money smell and dollica is chasing darren sharper wallet ..i see darren didnt take a picture with hollicia all she is a good f*u*c*k* ….they look tired and trashy..why does melyssa and dollica swear their s*h*i*t* dont stick their not even natural …fake A$$e$,injected A$$e$…b00by implants..weaves and horribles tan (dollicia) give it a break ladies and get a real career..

  • video chickd are plaid

    dollicia claims to be a supermodel wink!wink! u are a superhead for sure!!!! she always poses like something was left up her butt from d sharper or who ever had her the night before –and melyssa ford sit your old a$$ down and stop trying to get a baller you have been ran through by them too—and charity use to date damon wayans or still does and rappers and ballers also —-they are becoming irrelevant and need some attention — i guess twitter isnt working—


    Sleeping around ages a woman horribly and here’s all the proof you need.

  • lacey girl

    cat eyes—– u are 100% right they look used up and all F*u*c*k*e*d* out..they are tired…

  • soulwoman

    All of them look over the age of 35. Shame.

  • prettylilthang

    why the hell does dolicia look so brown?? that is not even her natural color

  • Jay the Real One

    why the disrespect to these women?

  • Side Eye Giver

    Professional groupies. Sad.

  • Side Eye Giver

    Dollicia and Mel, what decent man in his right mind would want you when every athlete, rapper and actor you can hustle has hit is? Ya’ll are trash and a disgrace to black women.

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