Snoop Dogg Is Officially An “Old Head,” His Son Just Turned 16

- By Bossip Staff

Happy Birthday to Corde Broadus, Snoop’s oldest son, who had an “80’s Style” Birthday party this weekend to celebrate turning 16. Pop the hood for more shots

We like the “80’s Style” theme — but are Snoop and Shante just trying to relive their youth? Just sayin’!

This party seems much more normal and down to earth than a lot of the celeb kids parties we’ve become used to seeing on MTV.We like that! We can’t stand out of pocket bratty Hollyweird kids!

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  • D.

    Ain’t nothin but a ‘G’ Thang!

  • B0SSiPST0PiiT


  • loc n grow


  • Gym CamelToe

    One of these things doesnt belong here, one of these things is not quite the same… “from the Sesame Street jingle”

  • jia

    Nice family party. Loved the cake. Cute.

  • We "Blacks" Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites

    I love theme parties!

  • Get Real

    who names one kid Corde, and the next Cordell?

    Shante has zero imagination. Get real.

    The lil girl has Daddy’s complexion and mommy’s round face. She’s got a cute smile.

    I just hope her name isn’t Cori. Then imma die laughin.

  • Get Real

    Dear Lord, that is the lil girls name.

    What’s wrong with some people?? Corde, Cordell, Cori. What? they don’t have enough imagination to find a different name? It’s almost as bad as all the George Foreman’s. lmbo or Jermajesty Jackson.

    Cool idea for an 80’s party though. Lil girl looks like her mom with Daddy’s complexion.

  • Say it Ain't So!

    The lil’ girl looks just like Angie Stone.

  • LuvN_Life

    i luv Snoop d o double gee 🙂 LOL” Cute Kids the little girl looks just Like shante’

  • Buttacupp

    I never thought I would see this…makes ME feel old as s hit, lols

  • Shemander

    Nice looking family. That little girl is too cute!! Looking just like her mama. 🙂

  • #FAIL

    Did Snoop have on a 80’s costume? N***a look like that all the time LMBAO

  • Cali's finest

    I have always been a fan of Snoop and I am so happy that he has a wonderful family. We need to see more balck families and black couples in this world. Thank you.

  • Lovly Olivia

    The 80’s theme is cute but that cake is so obnoxious…

  • choc is a cutie

    Hello ppl stop putting this little baby girl down. In case you didnt know she had a combination of Snoops daddy’s complexion and her mothers. Gosh ppl can be so critical and narrow minded

  • tb

    Snoop’s daughter is an official jacket!

  • anonygirl

    @get real: it is cori, haha. cordell, cori, and corde. i kinda like cori and corde, though.

    cute kids and cute party!

  • lipz

    snoops daughter…well snoop u dont need maury to tell you!!!

  • Just wondering...

    That “Old school” theme was definitely not Snoop’s son’s idea. You know the party had to have been sponsored by Adidas since Snoops got a modelling deal with them.

  • fool of a tooke!

    Awww, there’s “choc”! She’s my favorite… ‘lil scamp!

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    love the cake but not the wig!

  • a black man

    Snoops daughter has a great colour complexion its pretty weird that people who call themselves black and are light skin hate on a choclate girl:S somethings is also very weird with peoples mind now days

  • Bacqui

    A very well organised party,,i see everyone had fun..Is their daughter adopted coz damn she dont look like any of them,,just sayin!

  • SoSmoove

    @ A BLACK MAN….that is because most of the people in here is not black….Self hate is growing epidemic…smdh

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