When The Checks Stop Coming In: Eddy Curry

- By Bossip Staff

Damn, life hasn’t been too sweet lately for Eddy Curry of the NY Knicks. First the gay lovin rumors and the crazy custody battle for his son, now dude can’t pay his bills:

Knicks center Eddy Curry defaulted on a $570,000 personal loan while keeping up a lifestyle that included a $17,000-a-month suburban New York home, a $6,000-a-month personal chef, and a dozen cars he’d bought for himself and relatives, a judge said. Friday, a Manhattan court ordered Curry to pay $75,000 a month to lender Allstar Capital Inc. to resolve a debt that swelled to $1.2 million with interest. The court also has issued an order letting Las Vegas-based Allstar seize three of the cars: a Rolls Royce Phantom convertible and two Land Rover SUVs, all 2009 models. Curry earned $10.5 million this season and is scheduled to make $11.3 million next season in the final year of his contract.

But the former No. 4 pick in the NBA Draft has been dogged by financial and legal problems in recent years. He took out the $570,000 personal loan in February 2008, promising to pay it back in five months at a nearly 85 percent annual interest rate — legal in Nevada, according to Allstar lawyer Donald N. David. Curry argued he couldn’t pay off the debt at $75,000 a month because of his existing bills, which include $30,000 a month in household expenses at his family’s White Plains home, nearly $17,000 a month in payments to various other relatives, and more than $1,000 a month in cable and satellite TV service, according to the court order. It said his wages already are garnished for more than $207,000; the order didn’t explain why, and lawyers wouldn’t elaborate.

Curry also suggested the vagaries of his basketball career should keep him from paying, noting his ending contract. State Supreme Court Justice Jane S. Solomon pronounced those concerns “irrelevant.”

Poor thang. These athletes need to get their financial priorities straight!!!


Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/sports/knicks/knicks_curry_ordered_to_settle_in_ShKrQXG7IkVbVqf4TZygrN#ixzz0ox2HEgaa

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/sports/knicks/knicks_curry_ordered_to_settle_in_ShKrQXG7IkVbVqf4TZygrN#ixzz0ox27dJCB

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  • 6 Figgaz

    Dude needs to man the f*ck up and get a grip.

  • drenk

    sad to hear…smh


    Why do these fools that make it to the pros automatically think they can live like Donald Trump??? The math ain’t hard…if you make $3mil, you can’t spend $6mil! Shyt, give ME the f*ckin money…


    Ghetto mentality…this is what happens when you give large sums of money to folks who ain’t never had any…

  • http:chokolatemilk.blogspot.com Choco

    I guess he thought his money wouldn’t run out who in the h e l l spends $6,000 a month on a personal chef-that’s almost $100,000 a year on bs…

  • drenk


    i thought the NBA had a program for rookies on how to manage their $$


    @ drenk

    They were asleep in c-l-a-ss, just like they slept through college


    The smart ones know they can’t keep track of their money, and hire an accountant to help them.


    over $1000 a month in cable/satellite……NI**A IS U CRAZY!!!!???????


    Okay, lyrics?! Foolishness!

  • carlito

    a fool and his money shall soon part.

  • Human Racist

    1557 Thomas Tusser
    a fool and his money are soon parted…

    2010 Remix
    a NBA nikka and his money are soon parted…


    @ carlito and human racist

    yes, and amen!

  • Miss U Much MJJ....Lovely1

    So this fool took out a loan for $570,000 and let the debt due to interest swell up to 1.2 million. That 2.5x the actual loan. What was the interest rate? I see it was 85%. Who in their right mind signs for a loan with an 85% interest rate??

  • Miss U Much MJJ....Lovely1

    This dude was basically supporting his entire family. This is why when you make it you change your number and act like your in witness protection.
    Take care of your mother, your wife, kids and relatives that were REALLY there for you. Not the hanger oners.

  • Shell


  • 2dimplzs

    Just because you have all of that money doesn’t mean you should spend it on such STUPID, WASTEFUL things!!! Cut off the leeching family members, give those cars back to the dealership and only have 2 or 3 at the most, let go of your personal chef or find a CHEAPER ONE, and most importantly PAY YOUR BILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good grief!!!!

  • Kristina

    I have a hard time feeling sorry for someone who’s in debt, yet spends a grand a month on cable and satellite services, 6 grand on a chef, has 3 luxury cars and gives thousands to thirst relatives. No sympathy. Cut out all the BS, stop trying to live above your means and pay your freak’n bills.

  • http://* Kristina

    Excuse me, I meant to say more than 12 luxury cars. SMH.

  • She said it.

    Lol. The math aint hard. Now that’s funny.

  • Gym CamelToe

    Just come out,already

  • xxxxx

    The interest rate on that $570,000 is crazy. He needs a trust worthy financial planner. I love supporting my mom & giving my nieces what they want. However, supporting other family members only handicaps them.

  • Jocasta

    How do they get them self to this point? My neighbor is a pro football player. He still lives with his parents during the off season… hopefully that won’t change for he may be broke at the end of his career as well. Too young with too much money.

  • Rrrrroe Ski Love- A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    He has $200,000 in tatoos. Big Dummy! Scratch that > Big Gay Dummy!

  • ShortBusBully

    Thats what happens when you are given millions of dollars straight out of High School! Man the fok-up and deal with your problems like the rest of us hard working Americans, who live check to check!

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