T-Pain vs. Kirk Franklin

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T-Pain is feelin the heat from switching up a gospel song into a song about Patrón “Silver and Gold”:

Pain cut called “Silver and Gold” leaked to the Internet a few months back, with the Tallahassee, Florida, native singing about the effects of blending clear and colored Patrón tequila together for consumption. “You’ll be hanging, swanging, drinking two types of Patrón,” he sings. “I done mixed up silver and gold/ I done mixed up silver and gold/ I’mma tryin’ to get drunk before this party/ Somebody’s gonna have to carry me home/ I done drank the silver and gold.”

While Pain’s following ate it up, non-secular-music kingpin Kirk Franklin had to put a call into the young singer. Franklin debuted the original “Silver and Gold” on his 1993 Kirk Franklin and the Family album. The gospel version goes: “Silver and gold/ Silver and gold/ I’d rather have Jesus than silver and gold/ No fame or fortune/ Nor riches untold/ I’d rather have Jesus than silver and gold.”

“It was never supposed to be on my album,” Pain said Tuesday in the MTV News office, wearing a purple top hat and matching shirt. “The record, it got leaked, then me and Kirk Franklin had to talk. He was doing most of the talking. He was saying it wasn’t no disrespect. He was saying he knows how songs get leaked. He had it happen to him before. He said he wasn’t a saint, and it wasn’t like he never did nothing wrong. It’s not like [Kirk] said I did something wrong. He said if I was gonna go with it, just change the melody. ‘You can still say silver and gold.’ He’s got a lot of people saying stuff to him: ‘How could you let T-Pain destroy a gospel song like that? How could let him talk about alcohol?’ I wasn’t even doing it for a mixtape or nothing. I was literally drinking and made a song. I was bored in the studio. There was nothing else to do. I made it into an alcoholic anthem, which wasn’t good.”



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  • lover765


  • homie

    I understand this new freedom of hip-hop, but damn!!

  • Family First

    purple top-hat… smh

  • kahlia

    SMH…that’s all i can do

  • TaShA

    yeah i think that did borderline if not cross the line into being disrespectful



  • dayg715

    t-pain needs to sit his shuckin-and-jivin coon ass down somewhere…

  • niko

    kirk franklin steals rap…let rap steal him…..

  • AQT

    SMH…he needs to come up with new material other than stripping and drinking…

  • LetItBeAMansWorld_AsLongAsICanBeAWomanInIt

    he’s definitely on my top 5 ugly list

  • niko

    whoever has a problem with this obviously doesnt listen to music…ray charles started long before some damn t-pain.who by the way( has to love the lord) to be so damn elementary u know GOD had to have something to do with that ni**a makin it>>>

  • DEE

    Please people kill the drama!!!

    You act like he came out with the song on purpose. He said that the song got leaked and it wasn’t even going to be on the album. You act like he is the first person to ever do that to a gospel song. Go back and check your history this has been done in every kind of gender of music.

  • ambitiouschick23

    this upsets me…how pathetic!

  • Leo

    “Go back and check your history this has been done in every kind of gender of music.”

    ^^^You mean genre of music…idiot..not gender

  • ambitiouschick23

    & 1trudiva:


    you crazy for that one 🙂

  • http://www.myspace.com/ocky_j Octavia

    C’mon, T…. too far, man. Too far.

  • Tiffany

    I heard the song when it leaked and imo the melody is completely different the only thing that reminds of the gospel song the Kirk Franklin and the Family did is the title. Not to say that that makes it right just what I felt after hearing T-Pain’s hook. When it appeared online it quickly disappeared you could tell it was not his intentions for the song to get leaked.

    Anyway just grab your voice box and mumble something else that will be a hit leave the church titles alone.

  • Tiffany

    **the only thing that reminds you of the gospel song that Kirk Franklin***

    (my bad)

  • mzsweetface

    T-pain isn’t the first and he won’t be the last to twist a gospel song into something else. But on the flip side some of Kirk’s music has been rap/hip-hop/r&b influenced so its really not much he can say.

  • yessir

    They don’t respect themselves, women, why would the gospel be any different>

  • Tiffany

    @ mzsweetface

    Very true about Kirk taking Hip Hop songs and making them Gospel.

  • bigslim24

    How is it disrespectful? Everybody doesnt believe in God you know??

  • always knew

    this is quickly turning minstrelish, I respect and admire Kirk Franklin……..T-Pain,ewwwwwwww, with all the ugly outfits…

  • yessir

    “How is it disrespectful? Everybody doesnt believe in God you know??”

    It is a gospel song. Why would you take a gospel song and desecrate it?

  • Shannon O.

    Mad love for Kirk Franklin! He did the grown up thing and called Mr. Pain and addressed his concerns. He doesn’t have a Hell or a Heaven to place him in. So he took the adult road and explained to him that he could do what he wanted, but just change some things around. Now having said that, I would like to say this…Never judge a book by it’s cover. Never assume anything..Many thanks to Mr. Pain as well. He could have put Mr. Franklin on blast and disrepected him and posted an ugly blog or made a “STUPID COMMENT” to the media and dragged this on for weeks or months!

    So we pray and hope all is well and things work out for the better!

    (Mr. Pain does need to get a call and someone needs to address his attire)…anything is possible…lol

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