Where Is Kim Porter???

- By Bossip Staff

Sean “Diddy” Combs brought the boys (Justin, Quincy, and his twin Christian) and Mama Janice along to the premiere of his new film “Get Him To The Greek”…

Peep more pictures when you…

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  • http://Bossip.com Eddy

    The only one who looks like Diddy is the little ugly dark one.

  • Stop It!!!

    Oh come on Eddy, that is a child. Stop talking about peoples children like that. “The ugly litle dark one”, SMH.

  • ErycaK


  • whyw

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    LOL…wrong Eddy…just wrong! Now mama, on the other hand….

  • I'm Just Me... Keeping it Real Since: 1983...EXPECTING

    Christian is ugly! OOOOHHHH WEE!!!

  • Get Real

    The person wasn’t equating ugly with dark. Go re-read.

    He’s the darker of the others, and (so sorry i know he’s a kid) DOES look just like Diddy. And Diddy is NOT handsome.

    oh, and btw, who cares where Kim Porter is!! She is JUST A babymomma!! just like the other ones and deserves NO more attention nor respect just cause she’s the main go-to for Diddy… actually, I have LESS respect for her, being his fall-back. And when he runs thru, and settles for her in the end, She’ll be praised for staying true to her man. Please.

  • Get Real

    …and all day long people complain about h o’s and gold digging, and women who sell themselves in some form to get ahead in life. Whether it be buy flashin your ‘cakes’, marrying a baller… but be a baby mamma to someone famous and stay while he runs around isn’t gold digging??? LOL

    She’s a h o. No less any of the others you put on blast out here. Just a different kind of w h o r e d o m.

  • Ummmmmm.....

    Wow Al B. Sure has some strong genes!

  • Detroit

    Damn, Quincey look just like his daddy…….Couldn’t deny that little negro if he tried.

  • LaDiva

    All that money puffy is throwing at Kim’s way won’t erase how embarazzingly obvious he don’t give a crap about her. She’s held onto this man for all these yrs and aint ever wife her up…Doubt he ever will.

  • !!!!!


  • chrissy

    I think all his boys are cute….and katy perry’s dude is hawt…ummmm k…

  • redbonekillbill

    How come Diddy let’s his mom dress herself?

  • redbonekillbill

    Ya’ll are wrong for calling a child ugly…He may be less attractive to some people but he is far from ugly and its a horrible term to reference a child with-SMH

  • lolita

    Just take a look at the picture BACKGROUND

  • Isis

    Oh and Diddy’s mom is a DIVA because she does HER. How many of us can say that and it be the honest truth? Not too many.

  • JLA

    she’s out looking for her dignity & self worth.

  • saz2kool

    How the heck is this Diddy’s new film? He ain’t even on the poster KMT!


    Please, his mom looks like the Red Hook projects gypsy…she don’t get a pa$$

  • Fashionista - Mix race and superior in the eyes of black and white men

    You can tell he worships his mix race sons more. Black is ugly and even he knows (Diddy )

  • Fashionista - Mix race and superior in the eyes of black and white men

    The dark one is ugly because…black people are ugly.

  • Fashionista - Mix race and superior in the eyes of black and white men

    The power of being mix race in the black community.

  • Mind your own

    @Fashionista – Mix race and superior in the eyes of black and white men
    I guess your daddy is a ni gger too since he’s black, but then again, who knows..your such a liar, you ‘ol fake b itch

  • lol

    thank u @ ackeejm…

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