Can You Guess The Coupled Up Cakes?

- By Bossip Staff

This celeb was caught holding hands with her boo on their way to the telly, can you guess by those cakes? Should be easy! Pop the hood to find out

Lil ‘Licia Keys and her belly full of beak headed to the Met hotel after her performance. He put on a smile for the cameras in a few shots but in others he is lookin’ STRESSED than a muhfugga! He must be thinkin’ about how he’s gonna pay the mortgage on their $14 milli penthouse and child support for his three other seeds. Good thing Alicia has got her own.


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  • God's Child

    The couple from HELL with the OMEN on the way!!!

  • Here to Share Knowledge, Not argue with you

    Ahhhh…cute…she does not look pregnant in these pics….

  • What is the world coming to?

    she’s not pregnant.

  • hmmmm

    Is it just me, or does her stomache look a little flatter than it has in the past few posts… maybe her “pregnancy” was just a burger baby

  • rain

    and swizzbeak is loving the attention for he is a narcissist, deadbeat nicca

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    nice pics but they must be old. no way she could have on a tshirt during her performance and then wear a form fitting belt with no trace of a bulge in a short minidress.

  • jen

    damn why did i guess beyonce? anyway alicia looks good i love how she is more feminine now. i remeber when she first came out her style was very butch

  • Dont Think I Won't Hitch Yah--Cause I'm Famous, I believe in KARMA

    Awww they holding hands and stuff…lol, lol…If you ask me I’m ready!

  • Chocolate

    Shame Shame Not a good look.

  • Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil

    I’m with ssquared. She’s definitely trying to cover up a belly in these pics. One of the pics showing her from the side, you definitely see belly poking out.

    Anyway, she won’t be able to hide it much longer. That’s the thing with being preggers…. your belly just keeps growing!!!!

  • B3 Fearless

    I was going to say Rhianna, but ok…

    No comment on this couple. Next…

  • Curious1

    Why do mioxed white girls rarely date white boys..

    I can’t stand when a girl dressed “fancy to the 9’s” and her man dresses all down dirty casual, bummy…

    He must lay the pipe down Hard…because he is nothing to write home about..Unless she is with him flucking for tracks for that Hip Pop beatzzz..How many kids is he gonna make just to leave and blame the woman for the demise..

    If AKeyes’ legacy becomes like the Infamous pairing of Whitney & Bobby B as he brings her down…she betta not say ish…

    I stopped being a fan way back…she is not as authentically cool as i once thought…just like the rest of these celebs…

  • ms.Dee

    I think ALICIA IS a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN. i AM HAPPY FOR HER anD Swiss,but I dont beleive she pregnant.

  • too cute

    she’s looks cute,she’s gorgeous,luv her



  • lol

    soooo….is this the same telly they went to while swizz was still married to mashonda?


    they look beautiful together…love it!

  • lol

    alicia keys never had a big butt jus wide hips and thick legs. if u actually looked at the pics up close u would see that her stomach is not flat, there is a bump there. that belt aint hiding shyt

  • Micaroni715

    Alicia Keys, Keri Hilson and Rihanna
    that is the list.

  • bradhsaw

    i agree w/ lol she aint never had no azz but damn i didnt know she had a pancake booty

  • LuvN_Life

    She deffinently looks PREgnant in these pics,if you look at all of them there’s one that Tells it all.
    I always believed alicia had some couth about herself however Not the case.
    wait til she see’s what Swizz does for her butt in about another year.
    God will never Bless Her matrimony with him EVER
    He was someone else’s husband when she was screwing his Dogged out Tail

  • Deirdre B Pride

    Full of beak???? Y’all are crazy. Why can’t their baby be human?

  • shut the fu*ck up

    so what

  • lisa

    Did she forget her butt pads…I always thought she had a butt and hips.

  • I'm Just Me... Keeping it Real Since: 1983...EXPECTING

    I thought it was Rhi and Matt.

    I thought Lil’ Licia had more butt than that.

    Oh well

    She can’t walk in them shoes, either.

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