Some Afternoon Cakes

- By Bossip Staff

Caramel cutie Tiara Harris shows off that booty when you pop the hood

Shoutout to Blue at HipHopWired for the Bangin’ Candy. Click Here To See More Uncensored Images Of Tiara Harris and her cakes!

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  • Lucky#Sleven

    first? why is her bra so high… she shouldn’t be tryna do all that… smh

  • Somali Ninga

    “Caramel beauty”? SMFH

  • Somali Ninga



    I’m not with the showing the whole skin thing but these are beautiful black women no breeds. We have our dark brown curvy black beautiful woman and the light brown curvy beautiful black woman.

  • niella j

    She’s pretty (no rainbows).

  • I'm Just Me... Keeping it Real Since: 1983...EXPECTING

    She is fine. Even I have to admit that.

  • Kristina

    Lol@ why is her bra so high.

  • Joe Clyde

    Damn she is fine. I love her boobs.

  • HF

    [Teacher to HF] “Hey HF, would u like 2 work this problem out on the board 4 us?

    [HF] Naw, that’s all right… I’ll take the 0.

  • D.


  • Notanotherbigbootymodel

    Yes, yes, yes, worship our curves!
    Now this is a lady. Average face, dry weave, & a photoshopped azz.

  • Ejay


    You could use photoshop yourself. I’m just sayin’.

  • MisSloVely.

    yawnnn .. they photoshopped the ISH out her pictures so how does she really look like ?

  • cap'n stank

    she’s an o.g booty model…used to be called tiara exclusive back in the day….shes actually from the melyssa ford era. still oooks good though….had some serious work done on her nose….im talking michael jackson level surgical procedures.

  • SchoolTeacher7

    SO gorgeous!! Gotta hit that gym

  • Jay the Real One

    Oh let me tell you about Tiara I’ve been a fan for years, she is THE most flawless woman alive, she is a goddess

  • Jay the Real One

    …btw she slimmed down a good bit, she was thicker and that a@@ is too real, I’ve seen her live photo shoots

  • bicycle crazy


  • sweetz

    Pretty girl. But why is she wearing two pairs of undies in the main pic?

  • krakatoa

    Tiara’s a goddess.

  • OkayKaarma

    Tiara’s a TEN and does NOT have any plastic surgery. damn haterz. check her out

  • no problem

    She is not caramel complexion but she is a cute girl and they finally put a real butt on here instead of fake cakes.

  • wtjolley

    I’ma a dude with fine tastes. And this is the best looking, natural lady that’s been on this site yet. With her clothes on and in the middle of a crowded shopping mall, I would spot her as the dime amongst the dozens. Stop hating about her bra or her breasts or her butt, or whatever other BS flaw you can make up. Just give Jesus a high-five for his creation and keep it moving. Thank GOD for black women. Don’t put anyone down please. It’s so beneath ya’ll.



  • joe

    Chicks like this makes vaseline all worth the while:)

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