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- By Bossip Staff

Miami sure brings together some motley party crews! Basketball Wives’ cast members Evelyn Lozada and Suzie Ketcham were photographed partying with Al Reynolds out at Club Play on South Beach to kick off Memorial Day weekend. Pop the hood for shots of Rick Ross and Diddy, but don’t forget to Caption This!


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  • lilbabiphat2004


  • carmelthyghs

    The man in the black looks hella-scary!

  • Yung Bergz Chain

    Dayum shame how Al looks more like a woman then the groupiez. SMH

  • Master Bates

    Evely & Suzie look like men & Al & that Indian looking dude look real zesty.

  • Rihanna is not talented or attractive

    Lol@ the comments

  • get u 1

    When nba players don’t pan out….one sad plan b!

  • http://a .

    Suzie looks like a fish.

  • The Blues Are Coming Back

    What Is Wrong With This Picture..?
    The dude on the right. *yikes*

  • Nope, you're not serving my soul what it needs to be served

    The guy on the right’s expression mirrors mine.

  • Jay the Real One

    Al has more estrogen than any one in that picture…which is not hard

  • This is Silly

    Who the hell is that dude looking DEAD!!! He look like a Damn MUMMMY!!! LMAO

  • This is Silly

    Susie looks like a transvestite

  • neen-o

    Poor Suzy… with looks like that she’ll never cop a man…or woman, smh!! And Punjabi, are you serious?? WOW

  • Fab.

    “Look how irrelevant we all are!”

  • Jay the Real One

    you guys are hilarious

  • juliemango

    Al R is gettin his “groooove” on again!!!

  • drock

    The guy on the right is scaring me.

  • Karamel Deelite

    What happened to M.Night Shamalyan? He looks drugged out!

  • SimplyMe

    Evenly seems soooo angry on her show but yet she tries sooo hard. I think she still in love with her ex fiance..thats why she hates on other people’s relationships. Misery does love company!! 🙂

  • butterflyj30

    Yeah that guy in the black looks really creepy!!!

  • dar

    that main picture is the epitome of “Where They Do That At?” and what’s up with those chicks…basketball players ain’t got no better taste than this? the girl in the black looks like TIM Kardashian…ya’ll don’t hear me.

  • Whack MC

    Looks like he’s having the last laugh. At the club with the hoes. What’s up with that pink though.

  • Brash

    “Every girl needs a ‘Zesty Bestie'”

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