Are You Feelin This Get Up?: Angela Simmons Saluting The Troops

- By Bossip Staff

What in the Nicki Minaj is Angela Simmons wearing??? Pop the hood to see Vanessa Simmons without her weave and 20+ pics of Angela Simmons and her friends goofing around at her Pastry Salutes The Troops event but don’t forget to tell us Are You Feelin’ This Get Up?

Angela hung out with friends Jessica Jarrell, DJ D-Wreck and Aaron Fresh at Pastry’s salute to the troops at the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum yesterday in New York City.

Jessica looks kinda like a thicker Zoe Kravitz, doesn’t she?

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  • drock

    Looks like Superwoman’s costume.

  • I don't date Black Americans

    * w .h .o r e.


    Angela looks good, and I know her boyfriend enjoying every minute of it. lol Get it Angela! 🙂

  • GTRUTH33


  • Prich

    It aint bad the jessica girl look stupid tho.

  • MisSloVely.

    Angela is so beautiful naturally . . . i never been a fan of her .. and her hair SMH is the business go head mama

  • Wenzel Dashington

    Where in the name of Justin Bieber do you wear that outfit?

  • SwirlMaster

    I am feeling it. I am feeling it A LOT. Angela Simmons is a CUTIE.

  • Uhhh Yeah Ok.

    She looks cute. I like them both!

  • 1TruDiva with the PlatinumVocals--I'm just too good to be true!!

    It looks cute on her and it’s age appropriate attire.

  • Deirdre B Pride

    she looks okay to me.

  • !!!!!


  • Dev

    Angela was always the better sister to me and seems less of an attention seeker.

    Angela looks good without the 10 bags of weave that those girls usually wear


    No excuse at that age to have cottage cheese thighs.(both of them) FIND.A.GYM.

  • Nicole The Nympho: I Saw Drake, He Loves His Fans

    she looks cute, why yall got a problem with it? shes fully clothed and maybe she just wanted to dress up

  • Nicole The Nympho: I Saw Drake, He Loves His Fans

    ok now i just saw vanessa’s picture and her hair looks cute naturally and she should keep it like that but her outfit is ugh, it looks like she stole one of her ex’s green shirts and wore it with some ripped up leggings and the jessica girl’s outfit is cute all pretty girls with nice bodies though U GO GIRLS! 😀

  • sexual trini

    I was diggin vanessa’s hair and the leggins but what is with the boots an the shirt…angela she jus need a wordrobe change asap


    it is like 200 degrees in the nyc suede knee length boots are not the deal right now.

  • ms.kelly

    Angela looks absolutely stunning and isnt she in her early twenties? She is allowed to wear clothes like this. I’m happy to see her coming into her own, I’m 24, and shes giving me some fresh ideas with her makeup.

  • thablackyoutube

    It’s an okay unit.

  • Mz. Factz

    it would look better if she had some different shoes on cuz them boots dont look like they were made for walkin or wearing period

  • get u 1

    Angela looks cute…the question is what in the hell his her friend wearing?

  • eyesrthesoul

    I’m not feeling the boots on Angela, but that corset top in hot. She looks good.
    Vanessa’s hair and face look so pretty.
    The rest of her just needs to stop it.

  • Bopa

    Looks like she raided Latoya Jacksons closet.

  • RIP Music Ofiically Died In 2009

    she looks beautiful

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