Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj Drop New Video For “Knockout” And It’s… Kind Of Clean!

- By Bossip Staff

Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj just dropped the video for the track “Knockout”. Check it out and let us know if the song is catchy or irritating?

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  • lilbabiphat2004


  • lilbabiphat2004

    nope dont like it never did like any kind of rock music

  • http://bossip ginez

    Nope that was some BS. The beat was cool but it sounded ripped off. I know that rock beat from some where.

  • Kyle

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  • Realhiphoplives!

    Yall think this is hot? Are u serious? Who thought it was a good idea 2 have these 2 not rapping, but SINGING on a track? Auto tune still? Why? Rebirth isn’t even a real rock album !! This was just a bs album that he put out just cuz he knew fans would eat it right up!! This is exactly what I been talking bout when it comes 2 Wayne. He don’t even try really. He sounds like everyone else and its annoying how people have the nerve to call him the best rapper alive…dude don’t even make sense half the time..He like everybody else like I said and its hurtful to the Hip hop community whether folk believe or not… So what if he’s making more money than me? That doesn’t equal TRUE TALENT. JUST BECAUSE IT MAKES DOLLARS DON’T ALWAYS MEAN IT MAKES SENSE.

  • too cute

    real rap music is dead to me today,this music we have now only appeals to younger kids,sad but true,will it ever get better,I will not buy into this garbage,I buy no CD’S anymore,why give them my money for this junk.

  • Realhiphoplives!

    Somebody needs 2 start boycotting this nonsense…

  • wtf

    @realhiphoplives you sure don’t boycott it by coming and viewing everyday and commenting. Dummy.

  • Realhiphoplives!

    @wtf….what’s with all the name calling? Lol I don’t really comment unless I feel something is truly off. It’s MY opinion. Every one has one and you really don’t have the right 2 come at me for no reason because you may not agree with what I say. That’s straight up ignorant. Im ending this before it start. *Deuces

  • lilmiss

    I don’t like it…does that make me wack? Lol

  • K-O-O-L G-U-Y-!~WAS HERE

    GREAT—SCOTTssssssssssssssss::this”‘song is >.AMASEING:::…TO,SIR MR LILIL WAYNE ..SIR”from me””to”you”,SIR”ya:DID:It”‘AGIN””‘…………..,,SIR”THIS’song:is””hitTING AMASEING ………………………………….SO hard”‘it,makes ya wanna-dance””!!>>>>>>……And”Weeeeeeee”Fans”thankssssssssss”YA””!~……………………………thanks for,readin~……

  • Peaches


  • bo2dd2355

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  • juicyjessica

    I cosign 100%…I couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • RocknRoll Rebel


  • Qualic

    The music is gud l luv it ths who hate are jus hatters

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