A “Lil Positivity”: Malawian Gay Couple Freed, Madonna Speaks

- By Bossip Staff

BOSSIP reported yesterday that the Malawian gay couple jailed for 14 years were pardoned, now they have been freed thanks to international support:

In the last week, over 30,000 of you added your names to Madonna’s statement, requesting the release of Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga – the Malawi couple sentenced to 14 years hard labor for the “crime” of homosexuality. After a global outcry, Malawi President Bingu wa Mutharika has pardoned the couple. Madonna has released the following statement:

We celebrate this astounding turn of events with Steven, Tiwonge, and the countless Malawians fighting for their release. It is a historic day for Malawi.

Though they are free from prison, sadly their safety and future in Malawi is still unknown. I hope this is just the beginning of our work together.

Human rights injustices continue for so many Malawians facing poverty, disease, and a lack of critical resources. There are still over two million orphans and vulnerable children who need to experience love’s embrace.

It is going to take the love and creativity of all of us to bring justice to the people of Malawi.

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  • Justicefor all

    Good for Madonna she is a wonderful kind person.

  • vivi2355

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  • Just Bored

    Life is hard….

  • Mock Rock Star

    Madonna could U send us a baby shower gift 🙂

  • Smittyt

    One gay standing up for two gays.Somebody got paid,that African President got paid.He sold his soul out.The (death penalty)would have been the perfect sentence.Atlease it would cut down on the spread of AIDS.

  • K-O-O-L G-U-Y-!~Whishes:Happy sunday:Greetings,As,Farther Day fast Approaches"!`

    FREEDOM IS ,A,GIFT;TO.all:humansbeings:wheather ya skin is black or white”,wheather you are tall or short:gay or:straight”……………FREEDOM IS FOR US ALL…TWO THUMBS:UP have :a:beautiful:sunday-greetings TO MS MADONNA”-who_realy””looked”–out”for,Malawain<GAY,COPLE"——–Nuff:Respect""""to.you:mam!`.till we greest again thanks forreadin!~"""""""!



  • BossipIsNuts

    Dat’s one hell of a ugly gay @ss f@ggot couple.

  • Nique(C'mon Vamanos!!)

    Madonna bought…I mean adopted 2 kids from that country so she has some weight there.

    But Im sure the Malawian ppl will have their way with this couple if they’re aren’t in hiding already.

  • http://www.myspace.com/chocolate_box777 Chocolate_Box

    Madonna saves the world again

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    […] A “Lil Positivity”: Malawian Gay Couple Freed, Madonna Speaks … […]

  • Shean

    Let the person who has never sinned be the first one to throw the ‘stone’.

  • tellthetruth

    @ excuse my english I’m french. It wasn’t just black people that didn’t agree, there were other cultures that feel homosexuality is wrong. Typical of a pale no color bleach looking burn in the sun easily white cracker herpe and aids spreading booty buster like you to say that.

  • @ Shean

    God hasn’t sinned and he’s using us to spread his message and his message states that this is CLEARLY unacceptable..You wanna fall for this gay/against Gods Law B.S Agenda then go right ahead..subliminal on the “ahead” because you are marked in yours..

  • Sherlock Holmes

    Such a pity that the West uses the threat of withdrawing aid to make African countries go against the very core of their values. It is a saaaaaad day for true democracy. Imagine if some African countryput pressure on the US to repeal the law on bigamy.

  • truetalk

    Madonna should STFU and mind her business! She is a stupid semi illiterate old cow whose claim to fame is a mediocre voice, and vulgar antics! She has no undeerstanding of the socio/cultural/economic climate of most African countries, and should not be so condescending to think she knows whats best for us. She should concentrate on the millions of unwanted and abused American children languishing in substandard care, or selling thmselves on the streets… NONSENSE!

  • truetalk

    Has Madonna finnished solving America’s problems? Useless woman… she now wants to come to Africa and champion homosexuality? semi illiterate idiot!

  • http://itzeversoserious.blogspot.com Butah

    This sum BULL*! I’m African I jus wish all these publicity stunt seeking celebritries wud leave us alone! Burn Chichi MAn!

  • i hate american idiots

    being homophobic is no different to that hate that racists have towards us. your sensless hate is on the same level as theirs, so you’re no better than a backwards redneck or a nazi. Why would you choose to hate a whole group of people who haven’t done anything to you? Why would you want these people to be hanged? It doesn’t make any sense.
    These laws are as backwards as the old american ones that didn’t allow black and white to marry. What business is it of yours if two people fall in love and want to be together?

  • free 2 b me

    i just fear for the safety of these guys out in the streets. africa is a harsh place (i would know coz i’m african) and these guys arent safe! lets hope madonna also removes them from the country and hires them a body gaurd.

  • Reality

    Sub-Saharan Africa, the most God fearing region in the world so the devil is sending his agents. Think people it’s called moral and gender genocide.

  • Reality

    Why do black people try to adopt cultured not of their own? Look how they threaten us with sunctions.

  • Reality

    I am so mad I cannot even type. Cultures, sanctions. Those were the typos. Africa falls morally and tribulations drums in the horizon begin 🙂

  • ManchesterUKer

    Who cares about ‘cultural differences’? Treating your fellow human beings with decency is pretty universal

  • Moreaces

    Best news I have heard in a while,, Best luck to this couple.

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