New Music: Kelly Pops Out A New Jawn With Nelly… Please Don’t Get Your Hopes Up!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Kelly Rowland has remixed her jawn “Commander” with Nelly. Some years back the duo had the hit “Dilemma”, so of course Kelly would think Nelly could help bring a #1 hit and reproduce the same success… EEHHHH Wrong!!!

Take a Listen:

Hate It or Love It?!?!

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  • HOtsy TOTsy

    ok this song is not that bad ,,,,,,,,,its kinda cute,,,,just has no substance !!!

  • msashley2004

    I like it it would probably have to work on others, but its a nice beat

  • vhudgins

    I like it.

  • juliemango

    This song sorta commands this listener to relax/feel like makin love!!!


    __________________ .

  • The Truth

    Man yall stay hating on this girl. I could understand it if yall were Beyonce stans quick to step on anyone trying to get some bread, but yall act like you don’t like Beyonce either! SMFH

    Kelly’s grinding, and she’s not an Illuminati sellout. I say good for her, do your thing.

  • keep it gully

    love it i hope that she gets back on track and represent who she is wow go kelly

  • baytownbeauty

    Uhh, try again Kelly!

  • RihRihthegoatthroat

    The song is ok and it didn’t need Nelly on it. The beat is sorta hot.




    I ‘COMMAND’ you to stop, Kelly.

  • http://none ash

    love it!!!! i love kelly…this is a great song. it didn’t really need nelly…

  • lilbabiphat2004

    damn so i listened to 1:09 of the song and that is just the worst ever……FAIL!!!!

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  • Commentator2010

    Her record company coulda saved some money and had bone thugs and harmony do the rap verse instead of having nelly do auto-tune

  • Runra

    KElly need to stop yelling on the track about how shes going to command sombody…it’s like trick I heard you the 20th time whne you said it.

    Nelly parts was the ony good part…even ig it sounded like bone thugs in harmony..

  • bored

    Nice song and I hope real talent will get a break this time around. We have way too many so called superstars in the world now based on looks and what they wear!

  • thablackyoutube

    Not bad. Not bad at all.

  • newbooty

    This song is hott.

  • cherry777

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  • RihRihthegoatthroat

    The song is ok by itself without Nelly.

  • detdoll313

    Nothing against Kelly, but she needs to go find her a man with some money and sit the hell down somewhere. And oh yea, shut up

  • EWwwww

    My ears are still on fire. The pain the pain. This was just horrible. Please let her stay overseas.

  • Manuel

    Beyonce is not better than Kelly; Bossoup!!
    get a grip on urself and stop hating.

  • kissofdanger

    D@mn good remix!

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