On The Come Up: Michael Jackson’s Children Will Receive A Grip…$33 Milli A Piece!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like little Paris, Prince, and Blanket are about to paid out the wazoo:

With anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death approaching, it seems as if the inheritance that his three children will receive has been revealed.
According to News Of The World, Prince, 13, Paris, 12, and Blanket, 8, will each receive $33-million dollars.

Knowing well that his children would have to endure vultures and skeptical characters out to befriend them for their fortune, the kids can’t get full access to control their father’s estate and money until around 40.

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  • cherrydu44

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  • Boooo

    When they are 40 this will be chump change..

  • Nicole

    By the time they reach adulthood, this money should be worth more more. If invested properly, they could live off the interest alone.

  • B*tch Please

    I could have sworn I read that they’d have to be 30…. not 40… 30 years old, 33 mill…. see a pattern?

  • atlchick

    @ least they`ll never be broke

  • juliemango

    Tough future ahead of them!!!

  • denne

    what about that other jackson kid they moved into the mansion?? they better get the DNA and break him off some

  • Hope4more

    When a parent dies it is wise to place the account in investments and allow the kids to live interest only ,until they reach a mature age and are able to handle it. That way they will have time to go to college or learn to do something that they love to and earn a living and not be dependent on the trust.


    that is more than enough for his children

    and Katherine’s money can be divided amongst the family as she wishes…

    Michael for such an “entertainer” was wise with money…


    FORTY!!!! Am I the only one that thinks that’s a little cruel? I have to find out just how much they’ll get access to BEFORE that age. It’s not as extreme but it sort of reminds me of Bing Crosby’s will where he stated his kids couldn’t get access to his money until they were in their SIXTIES. Now that was a mean bastard.



  • Colin

    Racist crackers ay.. What do you think you are by that statement alone? I’ll give you a hint, it starts with an ‘R’. Can’t we all just get along? lol!!

  • Gymo

    The pronoun is = “their”

    At 25 a tranche will be released.
    At 30 another tranche will released
    At 40 all will be handed over to them.
    Very smart money management, as they mature, they gain more control, athletes should pay attention.

  • Gymo

    p.r.o.n.o.u.n is = “their” not “there” – I’m looking at you 🙂

    Let me add, that presently they are receiving about $50,000 dollars a month as allowance.

  • GOTYOU -

    They’re saying with interest and proper investments the kids inheritance could balloon to as much as $1 billion. Michael wasn’t no idiot for making it mature when they were 40. Those children will more than likely grow up to be the most well adjusted celebrity children ever. So in death Michael will prove that he was probably the “greatest father” ever.

  • Bayo

    I purchase many records of The Jackson 5 and The Jackson and Michael Jackson, I’m african american, like most of us, we made the Jackson 5. Then they turn their back on us and married other races and then Michael just went further by changing his color, looks and then mixing the kids in a dish to be what he wanted to be White!!! What a sad bunch of nuts! I will never purchase another record, support the Jackson’s again. It’s obvious they lost their soul long ago!!!

  • LicketySplit

    Agreed. Nothing but sellouts. Michael Jackson = Biggest Self Hating Black Man of All Time. F’ck him.

  • Oski

    I think Blanket should get the most money. He’s the only one who looks like he could possibly be MJ’s biological child.

    I’m not going to get excited and started saying they’re not his because in the crazy world of MJ..who knows? I never believed he had vitiligo until he died and it was officially confirmed.

    Anyway, I wish the best for the kids. 😀

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  • Dirty Diana...Let Me Be ♪

    @ Oski
    Prince has vitiligo too

    this whole thing is so sad

  • frankiestage

    Actually they get a big portion of that—10 mil each—at 30, another 5 mil at 35, and the remaining 15 mil at 40. Between now and 30, they get an “allowance,” which I’m sure will be more than what we think of as a typical allowance.


    Beats working.Remind me to pick my parents more wisely next time.

  • iBillz

    33 million though? Please. The value of the Jackson estate grows every single day. If it’s 33 million right now, by the time those little whippersnappers are 30, they’ll probably have triple that.

  • http://www.myspace.com/chocolate_box777 Chocolate_Box


    that is more than enough for his children

    and Katherine’s money can be divided amongst the family as she wishes…

    Michael for such an “entertainer” was wise with money…

    Exactly! and I’m sure he knew that his Mother would share that money with her sons and husband. He knew his Mother better than anyone. So him not naming them in the will is actually a blessing in disguise for them.

    MJ knew that those brothers would have ran through that money like water & that Joe would have spent it on a opening a strip club with a record label attached to it. MJ was very very wise and a good business man.

    His kids are going to benefit the most from it & Katherine is going to be as rich as Oprah.

  • monskii

    I personally thought they would get more than that. THIS IS IT grossed over 100 million alone. Not to mention the millions in album sales since he died. He sold more records died than alive, and for MJ that is saying a lot! All I have to say is those “executors” of his estate must be making a killing!!!

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