Would You Hit This???

- By Bossip Staff

Dennis Rodman partied with the Canadian in Toronto at the Tattoo Rock Parlour looking like someone needs to spray him down with Lysol, ammonia, Clorox Bleach, and anti-bacterial antiseptic. He looks disgusting, but how many of you ladies would still let him smash?

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  • anewme

    Yep..with my car, and pray there aren’t any witnesses! 🙂

  • that damn sh#$ disturber


  • that damn sh#$ disturber


  • LaDiva

    Nope… There is nothing on this earth that could entice me to be with him.

  • lilbabiphat2004

    ummmm i wouldnt hit that sh*t with a 10 foot pole!!!!!

  • Detroit

    Yikes……..Not to save my mama’s life


    NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT EVEN IF GOD HIMSELF CAME DOWN N’ TOLD ME I HAD 2 PROCREATE W/ THIS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lee

    Heck NO, he loves dirty lol

  • http://ExtasyTube.com xyourgirl

    the question is would you hit this?

  • Ck1

    No!!! And why would anyone want to???

  • Nique (Life in the Fab Lane)

    Yea…with a fkn bat!

  • proud EBT card carrier

    No sir,Eveytime I see him I think of that damn wedding dress, smh

  • the english teacher

    lol r u serious did u see him on celebrity rehab his skin looks like actual snake skin and leather together. His demon is showing its face through him. He is the ugliest man alive and only groupie beckies hit that
    I would hit him with plastic surgery , a gym membership, rehab that actually works.

  • Truthseeker

    How sad to see such an awesome basketball talent being wasted. He is such a lost individual. So very sad. I’m sure his little daughter misses her dad while he’s on this trip to fantasyland.

  • lovers

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  • shut the fu*ck up

    yeah with my delete button

  • baytownbeauty

    Eww, he looks like a lizard!


    LOL my brother in law was there. He was involved a Photo Shoot with Dennis. He wanted us to come so bad…we happily declined lol.

  • Macori

    He looks gross.

  • Pisces82

    I’d hit it alright…with a bat!!

  • !!!!!


  • daahlingnikki

    Yep…with some soap and water and a scrub brush…He looks like a lizard and I don’t see how any woman with even an ounce of self respect could ever lay with this thing…He is a mess and by the looks of him celeb rehab was strictly for a check…

  • I'm Just Me... Keeping it Real Since: 1983...EXPECTING

    NOT AT ALL! I don’t have time for his shyt.


  • zoriansmom

    Not even if masked gunmen kidnapped me and with guns to my head saying “smash Rodman or will pull the trigger” I’d say I’d rather die and go to heaven than sleep with lucifers son who rocks makeup blond wigs and a wedding dress.

  • http://aol ebonieladi

    I’d hit him with a can of Raid.

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